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Art Recs:
SPN L'ange gardien by [ profile] cafe_de_labeill Dean and Castiel, Art Nouveau-style. [PG]
The pencil strokes are excellent, lovely weight variations going on. In fact, this is an artist recommendation too, all of her work is worth a look too. The chibi style in general doesn't always appeal me, but that's more my personal preference with regards to that particular style, rather than her skills. Chibi or not, she has some lovely drawing/coloring/lighting going on in all her pieces.

SPN And of things that will bite by [ profile] becc_j Art for the reversebang challenge [G]
Two really cool contrasting styles make for a wonderful art post. I love the color choices for all of them, but I especially love the ones that are no completely realistic, the composition and texture are wonderful.

SPN Forever and Ever by [ profile] petite_madame SPNxNarnia crossover [G]
Absolutely amazing detail. Seriously, just go look. And admire.

HP Graphorn by [ profile] ratcreature [G]
I'm not in the fandom, but I don't think you need to be to appreciate how cool this picture is. She's drawn one of the fantasy creatures that was mentioned in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them according to the verbal description, and presented it Encyclopedia plate-style. It's imaginative and totally amazing.

Thoughts about Glee: Spoilers under cut for 2x06 (Never Been Kissed)
ETA: Warning for three smallish gifs under cut as well, if bandwidth's an issue.
That was kind of fantastic. I can't believe how excited I was about the episode and I wasn't disappointed. Chris Colfer acted the hell out of it and I sincerely hope that they're taking that particular plot twist in a direction that will not make me throw things at my tv. But it's just an irrational feeling given some of the reactions from some of fandom *side eyes parts of fandom*. Karofsky being rehabilitated could be interesting, but 1) It should be far far away from Kurt. Kurt should not have to care or be involved in any way at all in anything to do with Karofsky any time in the near future and 2) I judge people a lot for in any way trying to equate Kurt throwing out the words ugly and stupid at someone who's physically harming him and suddenly romanticizing Karofsky because omg he might have internal angst! For a change, I'm actually kind of trusting canon to do this story the right way. Rachel was cute, Will was...trying but still completely clueless, I hope the little moment of Mike and Finn looking unsettled when Kurt left is actually leading to something, Tina was adorable as ever, I like Beiste and she deserves so much better than Will, boo for hatchet job on Santana, yay for Artie maybe possibly realizing that douchey is not the way to go, and man, either Puck needs a way better story line or he needs to just not be on my screen any more. The sexist douchebaggery and bullying is not and has never been funny, and his Internal Pain is not really working out for me.

Three parts of the episode I loved, in gif form:
1) Kurt and Blaine! I swear, Kurt's eyes totally turned into hearts at the end there:

2) When Rachel's on in small doses, I kind of love her crazy cuteness. This moment during the boys' song was adorable:

3) And of course, Kurt and Mercedes as BFFs ♥

Must start on [ profile] yuletart image. Coming up soon, more SGA and SPN art.
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