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I asked for art prompts and [ profile] bellatemple prompted me with Sam'n'Dean as early 20th century noir detectives!. Bellatemple, I'm afraid no nice fitting pants made it into the picture though (only because they're wearing long coats and legs are cut off from the picture, not because they're not wearing any!)

Title: Shades of Black
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean

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Poll, WIP

Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:21 pm
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It's Friday! And so, Polltime!
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And here's a WIP shot of the third thing I'm working on, Noir-ish detectives Sam and Dean. Sam hasn't shown up yet, but he'll be there. And I suppose as it stands it could just be Dean in a black raincoat and a hat, but, let's go with Noir.
Trying to look mysterious )
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It feels like ages since I posted art :( I am, however, in the process of drawing two inspired by prompts. Works in progress, but here's a peek at:
• SGA: The team on an India-like planet
John will make an appearance soon )
Of course there's a mango tree. And where there's Rodney, there are children.

• SPN: Wee Winchesters dressed up for Halloween
Batman and Robin - on a budget )
Because John would not waste money on perfectly made costumes, but, in my head-canon, would totally help little Dean make something that gets close enough. Sammy just wants the candy. He wouldn't have cared even if Dean could have gotten the underwear over pants idea past John's watchful eyes.

In TV news: need to catch up with SPN and White Collar, am current with Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother (♥ stealth Barney/Robin), watched the last episode of Glee (ngl, I teared up ♥ Kurt) and Hawaii Five-O remains silly and pretty (♥ Daniel Dae Kim).

In conclusion, my new icon's from a painting by Linda Bergkvist. It's a very pretty painting. It's called 'Spoiled', you can find it on her website.
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So, I hear there's some season premiere on tonight? What's the name of the show again? ;D

TGIF post, with one song:
Suno Aisha - A very catchy song from the movie Aisha. I love the tune and I love the voices.
Download here (right click, save)

And one poll:
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I asked for art prompts and [ profile] reflectedeve prompted me with Diana stealing a woman Neal was trying to flirt with? Bonus points if she also makes off with his fedora. ;). And so, just as it says on the package:

Title: Not this time
Rating: G
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Diana Barrigan, OFC

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(with new sort-of appropriate icon to boot!)

Prompt me!

Sep. 15th, 2010 01:17 pm
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Another edition of Give-me-a-prompt-and-I-will-try-not-to-be-a-massive-loser-and-will-attempt-to-actually-fill-it. This one is subtitled "Help me kick this artist's block D:"

I'm hoping for ideas that can potentially be fast/drawble type things, and funny/cracky is more than welcome.
• Fandoms are Supernatural, SGA, Star Trek, White Collar with special guests Leverage and Glee.
• Gen/het/slash all ok, though gen is preferred.
• PG-13 highest rating
• Cool costumes, ridiculous AUs = awesome

Thank you!
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Look, new icon! Isn't it amazing? (I don't know who made it. If anyone does, please let me know and I'll edit in the info) In my more frustrating and uncreative moments, that's photoshop talking to me :( In my meaner moments, that's photoshop talking about any artwork I come across that I can't stand.

I have artist's block. Kind of. The pieces I posted were technically not really new, just sort of finished more recently. Maybe I'll do a drawble request thing later, except for how I take ages to finish things and can't seem to do fast little sketches...

And we segue from emo abruptly into...poll time!
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Title: The Magician
Rating: G
Character: Sam Winchester

Drawn a while back for [ profile] spn_tarot. I chose the Major Arcana card, The Magician with Sam as the magician. My knowledge of tarot is um, lacking, to say the least. I kept the symbols that seemed the most important and kind of chucked out the rest, but that seems to work too? Anyway, here's the image for the card, and you can see the image with border and label applied here on the comm.

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I started this picture ages ago and never really got around to posting the final product, so, here goes.

Fandom: SGA
Title: Outbound
Rating: G

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Two songs this time:
Madno - Gorgeous love song - lovely melody, voices, lyrics, everything. I think that even if you don't understand the words, they'll still sound beautiful.
Movie: Lamhaa; Singers: Kshitij Tarey & Chinmayi
Download here

Kata Kata - A fun, rambunctious song about the night before the wedding and the last day of being single.
Movie: Raavan; Singers: Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi & Kunal Ganjawalla
Download here

As always, songs are on my server, so please right click and save. And let me know if you liked them :)

Random Indian TV nostalgia:
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is a song and video about unity in diversity and was broadcast on the then sole Indian broadcast network, Doordarshan, from 1988. Various people, including writers/singers/actors/sportsmen etc. feature in the video and the same line is repeated in 14 different languages. It sends shivers up my spine (in a good way) every time I hear it.
Video embedded under cut )
There's a very good writeup on the Wikipedia page for it.

Things on my fannish roster:
[ profile] spn_tarot picture almost done.
• New SGA picture very tentatively started
• Uber cracky idea for Star Trek picture conceived of.

Um, sort of related, if there was a picture of the Trek crew in, say, the land of internet memes, which memes would spring to mind immediately? I'm just, you know, curious...
ETA: internet memes as in Old Spice man, lolcats, i can haz cheezburger etc.
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Second SPN Bigbang art has been posted. I meant to do this earlier, but just wanted to let people know who saw it as soon as it was posted that the story it was written for has now been linked from the art post.

Had massive amounts of fun in Germany and Paris. Finally ate escargot and currywurst. Sadly, missed out on trying black pudding, but was assured that I maybe didn't miss much? Was gifted a beret (not raspberry colored). Bought a big bag of madeleines. Wore dresses and skirts most of the time, therefore being more femininely dressed in one trip than I have cumulatively been in the last two years. Met/stayed with three really, really good friends from high school time and am now missing them almost as much as I'm missing all the delicious food (what? food is important). However, am not that sad to be back either *hugs laptop*

It's been ages since I posted a poll, so, without further ado:
A silly poll )
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Art created for the lovely [ profile] hold_onhope's wonderful story, "Some Greater Good" (Gen, PG-13). Time difference means story link is forthcoming, but will be edited in here as soon as I get up from what I foresee to be a very, very welcome night's sleep *sways on feet* ETA: Story link added

I created two pieces, a cover and an interior illustration, and two peripherals in the form of page/chapter dividers.

Title: Some Greater Good
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Castiel, Dean, Ruby
Story: Read it HERE
Story summary: Castiel is told to protect Sam Winchester. To teach him what he needs to know if he wants to kill Lilith. Dean is in Hell - and the angels want him there. So when Uriel raises his brother from the pit, Sam, along with the unlikely ally he finds in Castiel, makes a decision. He's going to save his brother from the angels, no matter what it takes.

Full size cover )

Full size illustration )

Page dividers )
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Dear Livejournal,
I am off to have a short but (hopefully) grand adventure in Europe (\o/). Don't break the internet while I'm gone. I promise a much more fulfilling journal experience here once I get back and finally post some fanart. No, really.

Have some parting gifts:
• Denzel Washington & Chris Pine in the same movie? Yes, please! Trailer under cut:
Slamtrak! )

• Old Spice Man meets Feminist Hulk: Genius! (the piece itself is worksafe, but please note url)
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SALT!!! No, I'm not waxing rhapsodic about Sodium Chloride, I'm talking about the kind that has Angelina Jolie running around kicking ass and jumping off bridges and doing other assorted things she does so very deliciously well. I have been waiting for it for SO LONG.

• Art rec: [ profile] gallo_de_pelea does some lovely artwork. She has a webcomic and other assorted arty stuff linked from her lj. The latest artwork linked from this post is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful water! The lighting! Actually tasteful hand drawn lens flare! :D

• I...might be thinking of signing up for [ profile] spn_reversebang.
Positives: A reversebang challenge that I'm only drawing for, not running and a due date far far away.
Negatives: Still have the [ profile] spn_tarot picture, second spn bigbang picture, a possible Glee picture, a half-finished Star Trek picture and the sort of finished background for an SGA picture all backed up in the to-do folder.
Bad idea? Good idea? AGHHHH!

• Just a personal peeve of mine, but it would be awesome if people would stop doing the self-deprecatory "/First-world problems" disclaimer when talking about things that are maybe not earth-shakingly bad but affect their day/mood somehow. I don't find the term offensive, but I do think it's totally and utterly unneccesary. If you can't freely whine about irritating but possibly inconsequential things on livejournal, where else can you do it? So, gentle readers, go forth and shamelessly rant about your spotty internet connection destroying your life by not letting you watch the latest episode of [show of choice] right now and revel in the freedom!
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• Still no fanart sorry :( Lots of ideas, no time at all. Spirit is willing, flesh, totally weak. I need a time-turner...

Rizzoli & Isles: Anyone watched the pilot? Opinions? It's somewhat inexplicable because I've only watched her in a handful of NCIS episodes and one sort of entertaining movie, but I seem to have a lot of fondness for Sasha Alexander, and the premise looked interesting.

• Really sweet behind the scenes picture of Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal during season 2 of SPN. Also, his face looks nice, but I'm in love with Jared's hair in this picture. Don't judge me.

• This is a poll that I'm actually curious about the answers to:
pollcut )

• In conclusion, World War II as a badly written, cliched TV show (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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• New housemate tried to recommend me a Korean drama. I think I kind of scared her with information overload when I started listing off all the ones I'd already watched and that I knew exactly where to find raws, subs, what have you. Maybe it's time for me to seriously start learning Korean...
• I have a looooot of work to do. The drawing kind, but still, actual paying work. And therefore, serious *girds loins*
• I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in...dammit. *shakes fist at Kurt and Mercedes and Mike and...*
• Long weekend, you cannot come fast enough. Maybe more fanart will come soon too.
• Random silly (and possibly unfair) poll:
Pollcut )

In a totally unrelated conclusion:

The 2010 round of [ profile] trekreversebang is now over! You can see/read all of the lovely art/fic over at the comm through the masterlist or the Submissions tag

Recs etc.

Jun. 23rd, 2010 03:47 pm
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I was full of goodwill towards the world this morning and then MS Word sapped my will to live *shakes fist at mystifying and random formatting*. The judicious application of cheesecake has restored my spirits somewhat. Here, have a few recs:

SPN: January Sun by [ profile] lemanya [Gen, PG-13 (although it seemed pretty G to me)]
Beautifully written little story with wee Winchesters, a lovely young OC and wonderful atmosphere building. Also, a really nice, hopeful ending. It needs a lot more love than it seems to have got, so go read and praise :)

(...tangentially, doesn't got seem like a weird word? Every time I use got (or gotten), I feel like I'm making a mistake. But gotten's a real word, right? Weird.)

Glee: I'm not really in Glee fandom as such and canon is...well, rather lacking in logic from the few episodes I watched all the way through, but I still managed to get a few favorite characters and there are a couple of fic authors who I absolutely adore. If anyone's interested, [ profile] miggy and [ profile] paperclipbitch write the most delightful Glee fic. *draw hearts around their LJs*

In a totally unrelated conclusion, I don't like summer. How's everyone else doing?
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Iktara from the hindi movie Wake Up Sid
Some context: Girl and guy live together (complicated back-story) but aren't together. He has a bit of a crush on her and she's realizing that she's starting to return it. The song's all about slowly dawning feelings and is really melodious. Also, Konkona (the actress) is beautiful ♥
Music video under cut )

Theme song from Goong/Princess hours
Some context: Korean Drama that [ profile] rageprufrock pulled me into and which subsequently ate up massive chunks of my time. It fluctuates in quality (looots of episodes) but it's mostly pretty sweet and has a lot of cute people in it. And I like this song a lot.
Music video under cut )

Vampire Hunter D AMV set to Moonlight Shadow
Vampire Hunter D's an animated movie that I watched...sophomore year of college? It was fun and the drawing style was interesting. And among the zillion Sailor Moon AMVs my friend spammed me with, I got linked to this and absolutely adored it.
Music video under cut )

And just because, Neil Patrick Harris singing about suits :D
Music video under cut )
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Look! An SGA picture!!

Title: Waiting for the Cavalry
Rating: G

Full image )

Color scheme and idea shamelessly and completely stolen from this gorgeous image (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine). Don't worry, it's just a training exercise, nothing bad is happening there.
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• H/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine: Casting spoilers for Criminal Minds S6. After an incredibly underwhelming S5 finale, this news is not making me feel better about CM. Maybe if they weren't spending time and money on the craptastic spinoff, things could be better managed with the actual important show >:(

• Freelance art thing that I was excited about is a go and \o/!!!

• It's been a while since I posted a poll, so here are a couple of fandom related questions and the requisite cracktastic ticky option: Pollcut )

[ profile] dauntdraws' Bigbang art is a huge multi-picture thing of beauty. I love her clean lines and sense of motion. Not quite safe for work, so view accordingly.

• I just licked my lips and managed to swallow some sunscreen lotion. This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to end on a bizarre note.


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