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In my ongoing quest to waste time, I present, John Sheppard, soulful crooner. And because I couldn't make up my mind, you have three to choose from:


Supersize it! )

I have no one to blame this time, so this is dedicated to [ profile] ltlj in order to cheer her up, [ profile] tielan, I'm sorry if it breaks your brain, and [ profile] special_trille who is strangely excited about John with bling. And of course, to [ profile] pentapus for the critical eye and enthusiasm and [ profile] jedoch who still loves me anyway
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So I was browsing through my pictures and I had done one a while back where..uh..Teyla was a lioness and tormenting John. I think it came out of some random conversation I was having with [ profile] pentapus and the word "licking" was involved...

P.S: Not cut since it's small. Let me know if you'd rather have it under a cut :)
P.P.S: Yes, I realize it doesn't really look like Teyla or John. Just let a girl pretend, ok? Ok.
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So I saw this picture of Luttrell and Hewlett sitting outside still in costume and I was trying to get rid of Hewlett from the picture (sorry David :() and then I thought it would be funny to put her on a throne and then i thought it would be sort of funny to have her wear a crown, I'm sorry? Please to not be laughing at me in public.

Queen Teyla is not pleased )


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