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It's been so long since I last posted, a whole year's gone by! </lame joke about the new year> Anyway, happy new year everyone :)

In news of various fandoms and tv shows: my SGA art-fu finally came back late in the year (and I rather enjoyed watching Vegas), still have way too many SPN ideas with not enough time to do them in, Chuck is the apple of my eye in a still rather non-fannish way, Merlin is deep fried crack with rather endearing actors, I'm still hanging onto the Mentalist because of Simon Baker, Leverage is proving to be completely delightful (I ♥ Hardison and Parker), Criminal Minds is unexpectedly realistic with consequences and everything (I am convinced that Gubler is a construct of the imaginations of a thousand fans because no one can be that weirdly awesome), and I just rewatched Firefly and re-skipped through a few episodes of the West Wing. I have too many shows in my head.

In vanity news, I made wallpapers from the last panel of my SGA Cthulhu comic. [ profile] stillane's comment gave me the idea, please feel free to take. The 800x600 one is embedded behind the cut, with links to the 1024x768 and 1280x1024 options as well.
Cthulhu says hi to the team )

The [ profile] paintedspires holiday challenge kind of uh, seemed to have flown under everyone's radar, but [ profile] gnatkip posted a delightful piece for it and if anyone else wants to particpate, please do!

Artword's still in progress though the due date has kind of gone by a while back, but [ profile] pentapus and I rule when it comes to deadlines, so, it'll be there. Some day.
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The first challenge on the newly renovated [ profile] paintedspires has been launched! Say hello to the Halloween Challenge:

Go here for more information.

I have new glasses. The frames are gold and rectangular/trapezoidal and I have the strange feeling that they're the kind you might see in forbidding-but-sexy-librarian roleplay. Except it makes me look like a cross between Peggy from King of the Hill and this random character from the Simpsons.

[ profile] rageprufrock shoved me headfirst into asian drama, and some are actually really charming, Coffee Prince is the cutest thing alive and Mars is rather addictive (anyone happen to have the title song?). While we're on the subject of media in other languages, hey, look, German soaps! Some kind individual has put English subtitles on all the Christian/Oliver clips from Verbotene Liebe and they are kind of adorable. I had a brief period of enthusiastically trying to learn German many many years ago, because my best friend was, but since I was trying to do it by myself, it kind of fizzled out soon. I remember a few random words and how to order black coffee :/

Bored now :(


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