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So, I'm thinking of signing up for this: SPN Cinema challenge. Maybe with Dogma? Seems to fit into the SPN universe not too badly, and has recognizable/interesting visual elements. Anyone have any other suggestions/ideas? Obviously nothing where the two main leads are together romantically in canon...

Rec: [ profile] petite_madame is doing a very cool series of images for the SPN 30 Snapshots Challenge. There are three so far, I really like the mix of images + journal pages with various other design elements that she's got going. Take a look!
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Art Recs:
SPN L'ange gardien by [ profile] cafe_de_labeill Dean and Castiel, Art Nouveau-style. [PG]
The pencil strokes are excellent, lovely weight variations going on. In fact, this is an artist recommendation too, all of her work is worth a look too. The chibi style in general doesn't always appeal me, but that's more my personal preference with regards to that particular style, rather than her skills. Chibi or not, she has some lovely drawing/coloring/lighting going on in all her pieces.

SPN And of things that will bite by [ profile] becc_j Art for the reversebang challenge [G]
Two really cool contrasting styles make for a wonderful art post. I love the color choices for all of them, but I especially love the ones that are no completely realistic, the composition and texture are wonderful.

SPN Forever and Ever by [ profile] petite_madame SPNxNarnia crossover [G]
Absolutely amazing detail. Seriously, just go look. And admire.

HP Graphorn by [ profile] ratcreature [G]
I'm not in the fandom, but I don't think you need to be to appreciate how cool this picture is. She's drawn one of the fantasy creatures that was mentioned in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them according to the verbal description, and presented it Encyclopedia plate-style. It's imaginative and totally amazing.

Thoughts about Glee: Spoilers under cut for 2x06 (Never Been Kissed)
ETA: Warning for three smallish gifs under cut as well, if bandwidth's an issue.
Spoilers beware! )

Must start on [ profile] yuletart image. Coming up soon, more SGA and SPN art.
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SALT!!! No, I'm not waxing rhapsodic about Sodium Chloride, I'm talking about the kind that has Angelina Jolie running around kicking ass and jumping off bridges and doing other assorted things she does so very deliciously well. I have been waiting for it for SO LONG.

• Art rec: [ profile] gallo_de_pelea does some lovely artwork. She has a webcomic and other assorted arty stuff linked from her lj. The latest artwork linked from this post is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful water! The lighting! Actually tasteful hand drawn lens flare! :D

• I...might be thinking of signing up for [ profile] spn_reversebang.
Positives: A reversebang challenge that I'm only drawing for, not running and a due date far far away.
Negatives: Still have the [ profile] spn_tarot picture, second spn bigbang picture, a possible Glee picture, a half-finished Star Trek picture and the sort of finished background for an SGA picture all backed up in the to-do folder.
Bad idea? Good idea? AGHHHH!

• Just a personal peeve of mine, but it would be awesome if people would stop doing the self-deprecatory "/First-world problems" disclaimer when talking about things that are maybe not earth-shakingly bad but affect their day/mood somehow. I don't find the term offensive, but I do think it's totally and utterly unneccesary. If you can't freely whine about irritating but possibly inconsequential things on livejournal, where else can you do it? So, gentle readers, go forth and shamelessly rant about your spotty internet connection destroying your life by not letting you watch the latest episode of [show of choice] right now and revel in the freedom!

Recs etc.

Jun. 23rd, 2010 03:47 pm
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I was full of goodwill towards the world this morning and then MS Word sapped my will to live *shakes fist at mystifying and random formatting*. The judicious application of cheesecake has restored my spirits somewhat. Here, have a few recs:

SPN: January Sun by [ profile] lemanya [Gen, PG-13 (although it seemed pretty G to me)]
Beautifully written little story with wee Winchesters, a lovely young OC and wonderful atmosphere building. Also, a really nice, hopeful ending. It needs a lot more love than it seems to have got, so go read and praise :)

(...tangentially, doesn't got seem like a weird word? Every time I use got (or gotten), I feel like I'm making a mistake. But gotten's a real word, right? Weird.)

Glee: I'm not really in Glee fandom as such and canon is...well, rather lacking in logic from the few episodes I watched all the way through, but I still managed to get a few favorite characters and there are a couple of fic authors who I absolutely adore. If anyone's interested, [ profile] miggy and [ profile] paperclipbitch write the most delightful Glee fic. *draw hearts around their LJs*

In a totally unrelated conclusion, I don't like summer. How's everyone else doing?
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• H/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine: Casting spoilers for Criminal Minds S6. After an incredibly underwhelming S5 finale, this news is not making me feel better about CM. Maybe if they weren't spending time and money on the craptastic spinoff, things could be better managed with the actual important show >:(

• Freelance art thing that I was excited about is a go and \o/!!!

• It's been a while since I posted a poll, so here are a couple of fandom related questions and the requisite cracktastic ticky option: Pollcut )

[ profile] dauntdraws' Bigbang art is a huge multi-picture thing of beauty. I love her clean lines and sense of motion. Not quite safe for work, so view accordingly.

• I just licked my lips and managed to swallow some sunscreen lotion. This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to end on a bizarre note.
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• It has been exactly a month since I last posted any fanart D: More Star Trek's coming up soon though, Thursday, in fact (for [ profile] trekreversebang) and then my second one later in the month, and I'm doing art for two stories for SPN Bigbang, drafts due June 1, and I am finishing up one art commission and starting up another huge one, not to mention the various fanart ideas flitting through my head all the time and aaaahhhhhhhh!!!! *runs around like a madwoman*

• Being a mod for a challenge can be incredibly fun and exciting, but sometimes... *points up to the running around like a madwoman sentiment*

• NPH was on Glee tonight. It's very hard for me to be objective about anything he does ♥♥ (ok, he still can't make me watch Beastly or the Smurfs movie, but other than that...) This was the first episode I watched of Glee and well, the show's not my thing, but Lea Michele does have a really beautiful voice.

• Anyone around here watching korean dramas? Specifically "Life is Beautiful"?

• Here's a video of Ishq hua, a song I really like (from a hindi movie called Aaja Nachle), featuring an actress I have a huge crush on, and an actor who isn't hard on the eyes either. It has (mostly accurate) subtitles too, and it's kind of sweet and funny:
Video under cut )

• And to wrap up the post, here's some stunning art by [ profile] nami86, Stained Glass Windows. All sorts of characters from Supernatural painted like they were on stained glass windows. Very large image, and absolutely worth waiting for the aeons it takes to completely load at full size.
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Random SGA art wip:
the city with backdrop )

Art rec (SPN related):
A drawing of Jensen singing and playing a guitar by [ profile] green_ghost. Very pretty shading :)

And to finish off this post, here's a poll. I'm sure you've all missed them terribly, so fret no more!
pollcut )
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Artist rec:
[ profile] petit_madame is doing some amazing artwork in SPN. She has a wonderful painterly style, and some extremely clever ideas for her settings and compositions. The latest one, Bad Omen (G, safe for work) has beautiful lighting and very interesting perspective. Plus, I'm always a sucker for people rendering glass well. She also goes into details about her process (complete with screenshots), which I find fascinating from any good artist. Take a look at her work and I'm sure you'll feel the urge to leave a few gushing comments :)

Speaking of art recs, anyone have recs that you want to share? No explicit wincest please, but anything else goes. It's always good to find more pretty art to enjoy.

Delicious no-hassle snack:
Crunchy Dalmoot (lightly fried yellow mung beans)
mmmm )
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[ profile] trekreversebang match-ups are done, match emails have been sent, reveal to authors and artists has been posted, pinch-hitters post and pointing to betas post and cheerleaders(?) posts need to be made and *falls down in an exhausted heap* How do people ever do this without amazing co-mods?

I have one SGA and one SPN picture in the works. I started them first but then my brain wandered off again and I found myself drawing Trek Reboot genderswap. [ profile] oxboxer's pictures were so incredibly cool, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Not to mention, cocky, smirky female!Kirk hitting on stoic female!Spock and bemused but kind of intrigued male!Uhura makes for a delicious mental image...ok, somebody write it? PLEASE?
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Star Trek: Genderswap art by [ profile] oxboxer: the ladies and the gents (G)
All the changes are really fun, but I LOVE Sulu, Bones and Uhura. the style is playful and totally adorable.

SPN: Supernatural themed Monopoly game by [ profile] reveria. As I commented over there, not only is it visually totally appealing, it also looks like it would be fun to play. I can't imagine the number of hours all of it must have taken. Amazing work.

Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie): Keep Your Eyes on her Horizon (PG)
New Irene/Mary, Holmes/Watson fic from [ profile] paperclipbitch. This one's a WIP, but I enjoyed her other fic and I'm definitely looking forward to more for this one.

Random crap:
Surprise!Matt Bomer on oldish teen romance novel cover:
awww cutie! )

I dreamt that I was out stealing umbrellas from people. My brain is weird.

My own WIP: The crew of the Enterprise goes to a world that looks uncannily like Bhutan! (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the inspiration :D)

[ profile] trekreversebang claims post goes up tomorrow! So excited! (Details will be up on the comm later today)
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Things that are making me happy:

• This amazing piece of SPN fanart: Winchesters' Laundry Day by [ profile] petite_madame
The coloring is amazing (washing machines! floor! the faint suggestion of clothes tumbling around in the washer!) as are the faces (expressions! non-fussy realism!) and the whole setup (gore! skeleton! dirty clothes!). The only tiny question mark is Sam's left side, but it's foreshortening which is tricky and the rest of the picture is so awesome it doesn't jar that much. Seriously, go see it.

• More people signing up for [ profile] trekreversebang. Last call for authors, signups end tonight!

• Really pretty nailpolish that I'd forgotten I had, and which is now on my fingernails. I'm feeling very fashionable.

• How I Met Your Mother ♥

Things that would make happy if they would just work faster:

• My reversebang art D:

• Learning PHP D: D:
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I am drawing a Uhura-Gaila BFF picture. I guess it could be Uhura/Gaila, but that, like most of my pictures, is probably better left up to the viewer. Although maybe instead of screwing around with random ideas, I should be working on the picture for my own challenge, but oh well :/ How's everyone else doing with their [ profile] trekreversebang art?

This has been doing the rounds, but Jensen Ackles+Neil Patrick Harris=a level of geeky awesome that I could not but repost. Plus, Bruce Greenwood. The video for the making of Batman: Under the Red Hood (part 2) under the cut that has snippets of both Jensen and NPH doing their thing and getting some praise from the makers.
Red Hood! )

In random fandom flashback time, I suddenly remembered this fanvid someone had made with the premise that Illyria could be a spin-off show after Angel was over. I loved the music and the clip choices, and even though the picture quality is not very good and the featured characters maybe not totally complete, I still love it. I really liked Illyria and Wes.
Illyria )

Art Rec:
Highwayman by [ profile] dauntdraws [G] (The PG-13 rating on the post is possibly for the fic that was written for the art, because the art itself seems to be G)
Black and white Sam and Dean on horseback! Hats! Really cool backgrounds!
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This time a poll that does have one question I'm curious about, i.e. the possible breakdown of what fandom people are mainly following this lj for. It's totally fine if you're just here for my sparkling wit and scintillating conversational skills too :P
Pollcut! )

Today's song: Iktara from the movie Wake up Sid.
Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are my favorite composing trio right after A.R. Rahman. This song is beautiful. Soft and slow, the main female voice is gorgeous and the refrain is amazing. I love the song, and if you're interested in hindi movies, I recommend the movie as well. The female lead, Konkona Sen Sharma is not only lovely but also an incredible actress.
Download the song here (right click save and let me know what you think :))

In a totally unrelated conclusion: Women in suits are HOT (NSFW warning for last picture in the first post)
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I am drawing Mulan/Star Trek crossover art. As in, there's suddenly a cartoon character (albeit an awesome cartoon character) in the middle of all the Enterprise people. I'm not quite sure why, but nevertheless, I blame [ profile] pentapus because I'm pretty sure she has something to do with it.

I have a new winter-appropriate lj header: [ profile] ileliberte (yes, it's from my last SGA piece :D)

I think I didn't say this before, but thank you so much for the lovely comments on the fanart meme, it makes me feel so good to read them :)

Art rec:
Ok, this is mind-blowing. It's really different in tone and style than I've generally seen in fanart, and I loved the execution: Mind Meld by [ profile] reetajoan.

Also,everyone should check out [ profile] yuletart, because there's some lovely work on there, including some amazing craft-y items.
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*iz ovine* My thread in the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

Two SPN artist recs:
[ profile] _izu_: Really nice, light linework with an eye for interesting compositions. Some of her painting is really skilful too, the lighting in this portrait of Castiel (especially on the upper part of the face) is quite stunning.

[ profile] dauntdraws: Really fun, solid, graphic novel style artwork with a good eye for expressions. Very decisive linework and a lovely sense of light without a whole lot of colors or shades. I always adore well done black and white stuff and her style is excellent.

ETA: Brought to my attention by [ profile] miss_porcupine, a really cool post with pictures from a photo shoot by Empire magazine, with some movie stars recreating iconic performances.
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Dear anonymous commenter, erm, what? o_O

Gorgeous artwork and very clever composition by [ profile] leyna55 in her bigbang artwork, I love the lightning. Also, the OFCs in the second picture look wonderful: Links to her lj post where she links to both the images on the SGA bigbang site

Random TV stuff:
White Collar is very charming, though, procedurally speaking, the pilot episode was way more clever than the next few have been, but the characters are darling. Also, hello OT3ness!

Three Rivers has way more money than common sense. The camera work is extremely annoying, it's kind of like an undergrad showing off what he's learned in his first class "look Ma, dramatic zooms!" Some of the banter is ok, but the dialogue at times is unbelievably trite. Oh Daniel Henney, I don't think even your incredible hotness is enough to keep on with this tripe :(

Next week's Mentalist looks like it's going to be awesome.
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First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for my Teyla picture, Protector in the SG fan awards, I got an award for best character art. It's definitely one of my favorites, so I'm really happy others liked it too :)

Item two, I will be in London (\o/) from the 5th of November to the 7th. Any fannish people in (around?) London interested in meeting up? I have never been there before, will be staying with a school friend. I will need an incredible amount of handholding by way of directions to get wherever is best to get to if there is a meetup, so, you know, be prepared.

Stuff I'm working on:
• SPN, Ellen and Jo being hunterly together, inspired by 5x02. Here, have a peek at the wip. Just Jo for now, Ellen hasn't shown up yet )
• Star Trek big bang
• SGA, Teyla and Keller (going sooooo slowly)

A few art recs (all worksafe):
• SPN, picture of Anna by [ profile] gembat the wings are nice, the pose is interesting, but what I love most are her legs and feet. There's something so charming about the coloring and natural folds of the jeans legs.
• SPN, Kurt Halsey style Sam and Dean by [ profile] maichan808. This is really cute, and the artist got Kurt Halsey's style down pat. Sam's hoodie especially is lovely.
• SPN, A few random pictures by [ profile] theseliars. I think the artist has captured the feel of the characters really nicely. I like her style a lot and the shading in the Castiel and Sam pencil sketches are great, it almost has a graphic novel feel to it.
• SPN, Sam with a kitten on his head by [ profile] dreamlittleyo. Very cute, and the kitten's definitely the star.
• SGA, Commeatus by [ profile] leyna55. As always, amazing settings and coloring. I love the lighting and all the little attentions to detail, especially on the helmet and John's outfit.
• SGA, Holding On by [ profile] chkc Amazing coloring and atmosphere, I love all the architectural details and the big picture with close ups setup. Lovely work.

If you like them, don't forget to let the artists know :)
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Is anyone online and able to take a quick look at an SGA picture? I just want a second pair of eyes to look it over since I'm a little iffy about some of the linework and want to get it finished this evening. Thanks!

ETA: Got it!

And relatedly, what are your AIM usernames? I realized after making the poll that people might be on gchat as well, so if that's the case, maybe put down your username and add a "@gmail" to it. Mine's just my lj username in both places.
[Poll #1455317]

Speaking of SGA, have you guys seen [ profile] steammmpunk's latest? It's completely happy-making. Her artwork is always so sweet and this one is no exception: Let's Just Walk for a While (G)
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Two songs for sharing today. On my server so right click and save please :)

Manmohini from the movie Yuvraaj. It's a gorgeous song, a mix of classical Indian with a hint of contemporary that A.R. Rahman does so amazingly well. The singer's voice work is really wonderful. Recommended really highly.

Baawre (remix) from the movie Luck by Chance. After Rahman, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are probably my favorite composers (the three always compose together). I love this track, it's a little zany, really catchy and lots of fun. The video of the original (unremixed) version is up here if anyone's interested. Things to note: a) The hindi film industry can be quite indiscriminating about what kind of outfits they put their male leads into, b) the setting actually does make sense (a little) in this context, the song is kind of about the circus c) Hrithik Roshan is very attractive.

Two recs:

Star trek: Cityverse Comic Book Page by [ profile] turntap2 and [ profile] mangotrills
Really cool linework and coloring. I haven't really followed the storyline that much, but the artwork definitely works for me.

Supernatural: Stitch in time by [ profile] nargynargy
Really impressive mixed media artwork. No blood or gore, but disturbing, so please note warning. The atmosphere is amazing.

Am working on prompts. Also, I am either just tired or have the lowest tolerance ever because I feel like I might be kind of buzzed, even though I only had one small frozen margarita. Whooo.
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I am signed up for spn summergen. No spoilers for what I'm doing, but I don't think it's going to be particularly anonymous for people who've ever seen my artwork... I have also signed up for [ profile] reel_startrek. I am very much looking forward to drawing Uhura, Kirk and Spock all in black and wearing damn cool sunglasses, maybe dodging slow-mo bullets with random green scrolling code behind them. Guessed the movie yet? :D

I have watched a crapload of Brothers & Sisters clips on youtube. How cute is Kevin and how adorable are Kevin and Scotty? Also, Rachel Griffiths and Rob Lowe are really hot.

My smiley Teyla icon has been replaced by my smiley Uhura icon. Poor Teyla, but 6 icons isn't a whole lot. Except how even when I had more slots with my paid account, I still used about 6 or less XD Extra icon space was totally wasted on me.

Two pieces of fanart that I meant to rec a while back:
Art for Drastically Redefining Protocol(a Merlin story by [ profile] rageprufrock) by [ profile] xenakis_.
Lovely sparse image with really nice lighting and excellent use of very few colors, definitely worth a look.

Really hilarious J2 artwork based on the Emperor's New Groove by [ profile] trolleys
This art is as cute as the movie (which I think is one of the most underrated and one of the funniest Disney cartoons ever). The artist always does really cool artwork; her lines are just as light and airy as her wonderful coloring and the effect is overall quite delightful. Check out her art comm [ profile] trolleys_art. Um, and heed the warnings on the art posts :)


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