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I am back from my sojourn in Tennessee. Weather stereotypes lied and made me leave behind my nice warm coat (which I regretted quite a bit) but other than that, it was utterly delightful and extremely lovely everywhere. I heartily approve of grits and apple fritters as a regular breakfast item, mmmmm.

Oh heeey, guess which mod has yet to finish art for her own challenge! I can't even cheat and take longer (obviously I wouldn't do that because the due date for the art for [ profile] trekreversebang's right before claims go up. *gets to it pronto*

I am currently drawing: Star Trek art for the reversebang, Santana/Brittany from Glee and my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge. Jeez, how is it almost April already?

In a totally unrelated conclusion, does anyone have Ke$ha's "Blow" and could they please email it to me? I have a sudden craving for it but am at work right now :(

Poll, WIP

Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:21 pm
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It's Friday! And so, Polltime!
Pollcut )

And here's a WIP shot of the third thing I'm working on, Noir-ish detectives Sam and Dean. Sam hasn't shown up yet, but he'll be there. And I suppose as it stands it could just be Dean in a black raincoat and a hat, but, let's go with Noir.
Trying to look mysterious )
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It feels like ages since I posted art :( I am, however, in the process of drawing two inspired by prompts. Works in progress, but here's a peek at:
• SGA: The team on an India-like planet
John will make an appearance soon )
Of course there's a mango tree. And where there's Rodney, there are children.

• SPN: Wee Winchesters dressed up for Halloween
Batman and Robin - on a budget )
Because John would not waste money on perfectly made costumes, but, in my head-canon, would totally help little Dean make something that gets close enough. Sammy just wants the candy. He wouldn't have cared even if Dean could have gotten the underwear over pants idea past John's watchful eyes.

In TV news: need to catch up with SPN and White Collar, am current with Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother (♥ stealth Barney/Robin), watched the last episode of Glee (ngl, I teared up ♥ Kurt) and Hawaii Five-O remains silly and pretty (♥ Daniel Dae Kim).

In conclusion, my new icon's from a painting by Linda Bergkvist. It's a very pretty painting. It's called 'Spoiled', you can find it on her website.
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Random SGA art wip:
the city with backdrop )

Art rec (SPN related):
A drawing of Jensen singing and playing a guitar by [ profile] green_ghost. Very pretty shading :)

And to finish off this post, here's a poll. I'm sure you've all missed them terribly, so fret no more!
pollcut )
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My genderswap Star Trek picture is going slooowly, but here, have a little peak:
This is Ms Kirk )

And just because I can, here is a little bit of ranting about yogurts ads and two and a half men (...not related) in graphic form (complete with bad handwriting):
Bah humbug )

Also, I have pizza, but no soda. My life is so hard :(


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