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• I am watching Transformers. Megan Fox is kind of hot, Shia Leboeuf is kind of not and the cg effect of the cars/machines turning into the autobots and decepticons is kind of mesmerizing.

• I am sadly obsessed with Ke$ha's Blow and am still flummoxed by the video. No, seriously, what's going on there?

[ profile] trekreversebang claims go up tomorrow. *flexes fingers in preparation*

• Kurt is TALLER THAN BLAINE. Blaine is SHORTER. Just because Kurt is the way he is doesn't mean he's shorter, or frailer, or weaker or whatever offensive stereotype that manages to be both homophobic and sexist at the same time. Bleh >:(

• I need a haircut.

• I wish I could draw metal well. Anyone have any tips or recommendations of art with well depicted machines/metal?
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I am back from my sojourn in Tennessee. Weather stereotypes lied and made me leave behind my nice warm coat (which I regretted quite a bit) but other than that, it was utterly delightful and extremely lovely everywhere. I heartily approve of grits and apple fritters as a regular breakfast item, mmmmm.

Oh heeey, guess which mod has yet to finish art for her own challenge! I can't even cheat and take longer (obviously I wouldn't do that because the due date for the art for [ profile] trekreversebang's right before claims go up. *gets to it pronto*

I am currently drawing: Star Trek art for the reversebang, Santana/Brittany from Glee and my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge. Jeez, how is it almost April already?

In a totally unrelated conclusion, does anyone have Ke$ha's "Blow" and could they please email it to me? I have a sudden craving for it but am at work right now :(
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1) I am fish-sitting for a housemate and thought I'd killed it when I came home last night and found it unmoving at the bottom of the bowl. Apparently that's how fish rest and my panicked moving around of the bowl only disturbed it. But seriously, how would I know? I only eat the damn things, I've never observed one for longer than a few minutes :/ It's kind of cute when it eats though.

2) I am currently drawing:
a) Wee!Dean and wee!Sam trick or treating as Batman and Robin in semi-homemade costumes (almost done)
b) Santana in a Dalton uniform (hopefully hot)
c) Kurt, Mercedes and Blaine out walking in the snow (schmoooop)

3) If the comm is called Kurt_Blaine, putting "Blaine exists" in the header as a spoiler for fics is only funny the first couple of times. It's really annoying the bajillionth time I see it. It's a comm called kurt_blaine! Of course Blaine exists! /irrational peeve

4) [ profile] leyna55's Yuletart art is gorgeous. Go admire it here.

5) Trekreversebang will open shop on Monday *goes to work on new FAQ*

6) I love my new icon.
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• The state of me is mediumish, tending towards mostly fine. Work's ok and there's a spot of freelance design stuff here and there, but the really cool, big illustration project I thought I'd be working on, fell through unfortunately. So hey, if you're looking for a freelance illustrator with reasonable rates and a winning personality... :D (<-- that's me pimping myself out, jsyk)

[ profile] yuletart reveals are up. Mine was a Due South piece with Fraser and Ray (Kowalski) and was posted here.

• I'm almost finished with the wee Sam and Dean in Halloween costumes picture, and I already have another Glee picture in my head. With Mercedes this time, because Kurt and Mercedes deserve more BFFness than canon's delivering. And because Kurt and Mercedes being totally unimpressed by their boyfriends being distracted because they're too busy arguing over football and sharing frowns in stereo is an image that amuses me.

• Paid LJ account users, do you know of any coupons/discounts like last year? I managed to get a year's paid time for less than $10 then from a coupon someone sent me, but the year's almost up and any info on a discounted price would be helpful :)

• I changed my first diaper. I am both proud of myself for not being a total wuss and grateful that it isn't something I have to do often. I love my nephew, but I prefer the coddling and playing to the more unpleasant adult care-taking things that people have to do with their toddlers.

• Must see if people are up for another round of [ profile] trekreversebang.

• I feel like every time I finally get completely used to writing the year in dates, a new one comes by and messes it up...
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It feels like ages since I posted art :( I am, however, in the process of drawing two inspired by prompts. Works in progress, but here's a peek at:
• SGA: The team on an India-like planet
John will make an appearance soon )
Of course there's a mango tree. And where there's Rodney, there are children.

• SPN: Wee Winchesters dressed up for Halloween
Batman and Robin - on a budget )
Because John would not waste money on perfectly made costumes, but, in my head-canon, would totally help little Dean make something that gets close enough. Sammy just wants the candy. He wouldn't have cared even if Dean could have gotten the underwear over pants idea past John's watchful eyes.

In TV news: need to catch up with SPN and White Collar, am current with Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother (♥ stealth Barney/Robin), watched the last episode of Glee (ngl, I teared up ♥ Kurt) and Hawaii Five-O remains silly and pretty (♥ Daniel Dae Kim).

In conclusion, my new icon's from a painting by Linda Bergkvist. It's a very pretty painting. It's called 'Spoiled', you can find it on her website.
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Second SPN Bigbang art has been posted. I meant to do this earlier, but just wanted to let people know who saw it as soon as it was posted that the story it was written for has now been linked from the art post.

Had massive amounts of fun in Germany and Paris. Finally ate escargot and currywurst. Sadly, missed out on trying black pudding, but was assured that I maybe didn't miss much? Was gifted a beret (not raspberry colored). Bought a big bag of madeleines. Wore dresses and skirts most of the time, therefore being more femininely dressed in one trip than I have cumulatively been in the last two years. Met/stayed with three really, really good friends from high school time and am now missing them almost as much as I'm missing all the delicious food (what? food is important). However, am not that sad to be back either *hugs laptop*

It's been ages since I posted a poll, so, without further ado:
A silly poll )
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Dear Livejournal,
I am off to have a short but (hopefully) grand adventure in Europe (\o/). Don't break the internet while I'm gone. I promise a much more fulfilling journal experience here once I get back and finally post some fanart. No, really.

Have some parting gifts:
• Denzel Washington & Chris Pine in the same movie? Yes, please! Trailer under cut:
Slamtrak! )

• Old Spice Man meets Feminist Hulk: Genius! (the piece itself is worksafe, but please note url)
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SALT!!! No, I'm not waxing rhapsodic about Sodium Chloride, I'm talking about the kind that has Angelina Jolie running around kicking ass and jumping off bridges and doing other assorted things she does so very deliciously well. I have been waiting for it for SO LONG.

• Art rec: [ profile] gallo_de_pelea does some lovely artwork. She has a webcomic and other assorted arty stuff linked from her lj. The latest artwork linked from this post is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful water! The lighting! Actually tasteful hand drawn lens flare! :D

• I...might be thinking of signing up for [ profile] spn_reversebang.
Positives: A reversebang challenge that I'm only drawing for, not running and a due date far far away.
Negatives: Still have the [ profile] spn_tarot picture, second spn bigbang picture, a possible Glee picture, a half-finished Star Trek picture and the sort of finished background for an SGA picture all backed up in the to-do folder.
Bad idea? Good idea? AGHHHH!

• Just a personal peeve of mine, but it would be awesome if people would stop doing the self-deprecatory "/First-world problems" disclaimer when talking about things that are maybe not earth-shakingly bad but affect their day/mood somehow. I don't find the term offensive, but I do think it's totally and utterly unneccesary. If you can't freely whine about irritating but possibly inconsequential things on livejournal, where else can you do it? So, gentle readers, go forth and shamelessly rant about your spotty internet connection destroying your life by not letting you watch the latest episode of [show of choice] right now and revel in the freedom!
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• Still no fanart sorry :( Lots of ideas, no time at all. Spirit is willing, flesh, totally weak. I need a time-turner...

Rizzoli & Isles: Anyone watched the pilot? Opinions? It's somewhat inexplicable because I've only watched her in a handful of NCIS episodes and one sort of entertaining movie, but I seem to have a lot of fondness for Sasha Alexander, and the premise looked interesting.

• Really sweet behind the scenes picture of Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal during season 2 of SPN. Also, his face looks nice, but I'm in love with Jared's hair in this picture. Don't judge me.

• This is a poll that I'm actually curious about the answers to:
pollcut )

• In conclusion, World War II as a badly written, cliched TV show (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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• New housemate tried to recommend me a Korean drama. I think I kind of scared her with information overload when I started listing off all the ones I'd already watched and that I knew exactly where to find raws, subs, what have you. Maybe it's time for me to seriously start learning Korean...
• I have a looooot of work to do. The drawing kind, but still, actual paying work. And therefore, serious *girds loins*
• I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in...dammit. *shakes fist at Kurt and Mercedes and Mike and...*
• Long weekend, you cannot come fast enough. Maybe more fanart will come soon too.
• Random silly (and possibly unfair) poll:
Pollcut )

In a totally unrelated conclusion:

The 2010 round of [ profile] trekreversebang is now over! You can see/read all of the lovely art/fic over at the comm through the masterlist or the Submissions tag
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• It has been exactly a month since I last posted any fanart D: More Star Trek's coming up soon though, Thursday, in fact (for [ profile] trekreversebang) and then my second one later in the month, and I'm doing art for two stories for SPN Bigbang, drafts due June 1, and I am finishing up one art commission and starting up another huge one, not to mention the various fanart ideas flitting through my head all the time and aaaahhhhhhhh!!!! *runs around like a madwoman*

• Being a mod for a challenge can be incredibly fun and exciting, but sometimes... *points up to the running around like a madwoman sentiment*

• NPH was on Glee tonight. It's very hard for me to be objective about anything he does ♥♥ (ok, he still can't make me watch Beastly or the Smurfs movie, but other than that...) This was the first episode I watched of Glee and well, the show's not my thing, but Lea Michele does have a really beautiful voice.

• Anyone around here watching korean dramas? Specifically "Life is Beautiful"?

• Here's a video of Ishq hua, a song I really like (from a hindi movie called Aaja Nachle), featuring an actress I have a huge crush on, and an actor who isn't hard on the eyes either. It has (mostly accurate) subtitles too, and it's kind of sweet and funny:
Video under cut )

• And to wrap up the post, here's some stunning art by [ profile] nami86, Stained Glass Windows. All sorts of characters from Supernatural painted like they were on stained glass windows. Very large image, and absolutely worth waiting for the aeons it takes to completely load at full size.
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Have a potentially awesome freelance illustration opportunity. Potentially, because the details are not yet nailed down and...ok, you know that moment between knowing your grades are up for the semester and the time it takes for the browser to load your transcript, when you have no idea about how you did on the final for that damn comp sci class you floundered through all those months and don't know whether you're looking at a failing grade in your very first semester or whether you actually managed to get through it? it's not a perfect metaphor, but the nerves are sort of like that. *bites nails*
(Don't judge me. That comp sci class was freaking hard. I have not felt that stupid for such an extended period of time since the first few months of beginning calculus :( And no, I didn't fail. But only barely.)

Because it's been a while, here's a poll:
Pollcut )

In conclusion, happy National Jelly Bean Day everybody!


Apr. 12th, 2010 03:49 pm
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Posting schedule finally drawn up for [ profile] trekreversebang. Everything's going smoothly till now, am crossing fingers for everything else going totally smoothly as well *crosses fingers*

WIPs (or should that be WsIP?):
• SGA getting their thrills on a San Fransisco downhill trolley ride!
• Vulcan kids weirding out Spock with their unwavering attention :D

Here's some music:
Teri Ore from the movie Singgh is King (movie not recommended).
The song is beautiful and the singer, Shreya Ghosal has a gorgeous voice.
Download the song here

Life is Crazy from the movie Wake Up Sid (movie recommended).
The song title's in English, but that's pretty much the only English line and forms part of the refrain. It's a fun song, foot-tapping catchy but not loud. And the singers are good.
Download the song here

As usual, songs are on my server, so right-click save. And if you can, let me know what you think :)

In conclusion, here's a blog dedicated to pictures of things following angry cats.


Mar. 28th, 2010 02:17 pm
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Thank you anonymous person for the sugary bunny in my profile! I wish you many sweet treats too!

Totally not new movies that I'm feeling a resurgence of love for:
Saving Face How sweet was this movie and how awesome was the ending? I rented it way back when, and still re-watch it from time to time. ♥

Undercover Brother I love this movie. It's hilarious and kind of smart in its own way. ♥ (and no, it's not just because NPH is in it, although that definitely doesn't hurt :P)

A game that I have been losing hours of my life on:
Robot Unicorn Attack. Just as wonderful as that name sounds. You're welcome. Feel free to send all curses [ profile] muccamukk's way when you forget about everything else and keep hearing that stupid song in your head, it's all her fault.

And in conclusion, somewhat thematically related to Saving Face, here's a skit from the British comedy show Goodness Gracious Me:
Oh my God, my son is a lesbian!! )
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My genderswap Star Trek picture is going slooowly, but here, have a little peak:
This is Ms Kirk )

And just because I can, here is a little bit of ranting about yogurts ads and two and a half men (...not related) in graphic form (complete with bad handwriting):
Bah humbug )

Also, I have pizza, but no soda. My life is so hard :(
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[ profile] trekreversebang match-ups are done, match emails have been sent, reveal to authors and artists has been posted, pinch-hitters post and pointing to betas post and cheerleaders(?) posts need to be made and *falls down in an exhausted heap* How do people ever do this without amazing co-mods?

I have one SGA and one SPN picture in the works. I started them first but then my brain wandered off again and I found myself drawing Trek Reboot genderswap. [ profile] oxboxer's pictures were so incredibly cool, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Not to mention, cocky, smirky female!Kirk hitting on stoic female!Spock and bemused but kind of intrigued male!Uhura makes for a delicious mental image...ok, somebody write it? PLEASE?

Random crap

Mar. 7th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Neil Patrick Harris was very sparkly in his sequined tux. Not quite sure what he was doing at the Oscars, but I guess Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin can't sing or dance... I adore NPH, but that was really not his best performance. Although I dare say still probably a bajillion times better than the rest of the show given the first two minutes of the hosts' banter that I could bear before I had to turn the TV off. The monologue and the red carpet pretty people were kind of all I was going to see, but I guess a glimpse of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren will have to suffice (<-- so classy!). And even though I think the Oscars are bunk, I will still feel totally annoyed when movies I think should have won don't win :/

Trek reverse bang:
This shit is hard! [ profile] zippitgood is kind of like a mistress of organization and productivity and all those things that I somehow did not consider was involved in running a challenge this complicated. Fear my foresight! That said, seeing all the great artwork is amazing.

My weekend:
I had a [ profile] glockgal! I love hanging out with fangirls, and when they match my enthusiasm for delicious food, I appreciate them even more. Which is to say, come back again soooon!

80 things about you meme:
I started trying to answer the questions, but I managed to bore myself midway through it.

This post:
Does not have anything particularly important to say.
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Workplace closed on account of snow. Am now lounging around in my comfortable warm room, eating fajitas and about to make jambalaya soon. All while in my pajamas. Life is awesome.

My Teyla as Victorian umbrella!sword carrying heroine started off excellently but devolved into total meh :( Muccamukk gave me some good pointers, so let's see if it can be recovered into at least passable before too long, because the idea is still really fun.

So there's snow out there. A LOT. And it's not going to be stopping till probably tomorrow. It's a nuisance to shovel, but really really pretty, so nature is (mostly) forgiven.

three pictures! )

And finally, there's this meme and I'm shameless, so here's my thread:
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White Collar is made of cotton candy, glitter, little puppies and kittens and those cute little umbrellas people put in drinks. Every time I think it can't get more adorable, it does. Of course, there are times when you really should not put too much thought into the legalities/procedures of the way they actually solve their cases... but that apart ♥ I even resorted to getting an icon I did not make, for the first time. Lookit how cute they are! (Status of WC picture: Going slowly, but hopefully as cutely as it is in my head)

I enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes movie a lot (although a bit less of action!Holmes wouldn't have hurt), and have been reading a lot of Holmes fic, but even though the costumes and settings are absolutely fantastic and very tempting fanart-wise, RDJ as Holmes is throwing off the visual of Holmes that I always had (although Jude Law managed to work out perfectly as Watson) and so the urge for fanart is not really there. But as Miss P suggested, Teyla in Victorian clothing doing an Irene Adler is definitely an avenue of thought I could pursue... Also, it's maybe kind of lame, but I geeked out over the end credits with almost as much enthusiasm as I showed for the actual movie itself. The artwork and transitions were so cool!

In conclusion, the demonic sheep video is the best thing ever.

ETA: Does anyone know what flangst means? Enquiring minds want to know.
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I was drawing an apocalypse-y SPN picture, all grim and despairing with dark grays and licks of fiery red and silhouettes, and then I got distracted and started drawing Neal (from White Collar) falling asleep on Elizabeth's shoulder while she read a book and Peter did something quietly domestic beside them both. I will obviously finish both, but seriously, massive fannish ADD: I haz it.

This week in TV:
SPN: I still love you a lot, so please stop bumming me out :(

White Collar: Ok, fess up, which one of you fangirls is in charge of this show? It's like watching delightful televised fic and hits so many of my fannish buttons. Carry on!

Chuck: ♥♥♥ I approve!

The Mentalist and Criminal Minds: Come back with new episodes SOON!

How I Met Your Mother: I do not approve of how you butchered Barney/Robin, but I forgive you anyway. Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, please keep being hot and funny.

In conclusion...I watch too much television.

This is apparently my 400th post. How are you all not bored of me yet? To celebrate, here's a poll:
Pollcut )


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