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Artist rec:
[ profile] petit_madame is doing some amazing artwork in SPN. She has a wonderful painterly style, and some extremely clever ideas for her settings and compositions. The latest one, Bad Omen (G, safe for work) has beautiful lighting and very interesting perspective. Plus, I'm always a sucker for people rendering glass well. She also goes into details about her process (complete with screenshots), which I find fascinating from any good artist. Take a look at her work and I'm sure you'll feel the urge to leave a few gushing comments :)

Speaking of art recs, anyone have recs that you want to share? No explicit wincest please, but anything else goes. It's always good to find more pretty art to enjoy.

Delicious no-hassle snack:
Crunchy Dalmoot (lightly fried yellow mung beans)
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Supernatural made me happy. But you know what made me much much happier? Watching videos of McCain and Obama at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial dinner. It was funny, and it obviously wasn't free of any political mocking, but man, I can take this kind of mutual criticism any day, it was sharp and it didn't make me feel like politics sometimes does, i.e. turn off my computer and go to bed forever. Both were hilarious, McCain was very smooth and pretty straight-faced with his delivery, but Obama grinning at some of his own jokes was kind of great too. And I love that they poked fun at each other as well as themselves, and ended with words of admiration for each other, because they should. I also liked Obama's words of appreciation for Hilary and how much fun she seemed to be having.

Here's McCain: Part 1 Part 2
Here's Obama: Part 1 Part 2
(thanks to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the heads up)

Link of amazing grandeur: Pictures of the sun. Seriously, wow.

Random link of absolute cuteness: The subtitle on my lj (grabbed from [ profile] toomuchplor's fic Constellation) really truly holds true for this because awwww, it's a chimpanzee cuddling baby tigers! My heart melted like butter on a hot plate.

I made basil chicken last night and it's definitely something I will be repeating again. It was really easy, the main ingredients you need are (obviously) chicken and basil along with garlic, some fish sauce and a bit of chili paste. vegetables are variable.
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I walked four miles for the heard-of-but-never-seen-before huge Asian supermarket and it was completely worth it. I have a huge green mango! And lots of squid! And cilantro that looks unlike any cilantro I have ever seen! Someday I will be adventurous enough to buy the rather awful looking sea cucumbers, and rich enough to buy the amazing looking jumbo shrimps.

Pork chops broiled after marinating in garlic, ginger, lemongrass, rice vinegar and soy sauce is gastronomic heaven. To make it all even more amazing, broil some olive-oil brushed yellow peppers on the side. Mmmmm.

I am in TV heaven. SPN is wonderful, Chuck is fun as ever, Bones is entertaining, and I'm enjoying The Mentalist. Re: the last one, how is Simon Baker so hot? How?

A few links:

If you haven't yet been to [ profile] paintedspires, run don't walk. there are quite a few creepy cool images up already. Warnings for crack, awesome skills and GORE.

Incredibly cool sketches of celebrities with just a few lines but you can tell who they are right away. Two artists, very different styles and both completely amazing.

Christmas/end of year holidays is still a ways away, but care packages take time. Soldiers' Angels is a wonderful volunteer-led non-profit organization that helps you send care packages and more to men and women who are deployed (and include other services for soldiers and their families as well). Think about it, even if it's just a minor donation.

Donate to support marriage equality in California and defeat proposition 8

Check out's "Safe & Sound" rating system if you're feeling wobbly about your own financial institution.

Craig Ferguson is hilarious 96% of the time, and I want him as a friend. This is him on the election and voting. He manages to be funny as well as make a whole lot of sense. Why is he on so late at night?
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The Good:
This video, Ghanan ghanan from the movie Lagaan. A shining example of Indian movie song and dance with beautiful music, lovely lyrics, nice dancing, an actual Indian setting and a sequence that fits perfectly into the narrative. Handy subtitles included.

The Bad (really bad):
This story about a couple who went through in vitro fertilization, then abandoned the twins when they found out they were girls. And have the temerity to ask when they could start trying for a boy. The couple is of Indian descent,(ETA: Apparently not of Indian descent, just in India to get the in vitro procedure done since it would be illegal in Britain because of the woman's age. Consider this now a rant at those British who are so immensely unenlightened as well then :/) which is sadly unsurprising. It's always been a huge problem in families with lower income, areas with lower literacy rates but it's not like the upper echelons of society have done much better either. Obviously, decency does not depend on literacy or social status. I hope this couple is shunned by everyone they know here and in India given how easily they'll probably be identified by their age, and are made to pay for child support after they're made to find a loving family for the twins. Bastards.

The Delicious:
Since this post seems to be rather India-centric anyway, I'll round it off with Indian style egg rolls. It's nothing at all like Chinese eggrolls, and once you see the recipe, you can imagine my surprise at the first eggroll I bought from a Chinese food cart. This is easy and fast and can have as many variations as strikes your fancy, and the main ingredients are flour tortillas, eggs and tomato ketchup, along with whatever you want as the filling.
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First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the paid time! No fair being anonymous, how am I supposed to be grateful properly if you don't tell me who you are? Please let me know what you want by way of art and it'll be yours, with much gratitude from me ♥

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the 2007 Stargate awards. Three of my art pieces won, and I happen to love all three. I'm glad others do too :) Thank you!

Recipe: Indian style chickpeas with ground beef (note: the preparation tastes fine even without ground beef, if you're vegetarian, and bits of coconut actually goes very well with the chickpeas in that case)
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Finally, signups for the John and Teyla thing-a-thon over at [ profile] john_teyla_fic end tomorrow. Stories/art can be gen or het which is excellent since my preference is, to quote [ profile] pentapus, "basically John and Teyla Warrior BFF (with optional awkward yet smokin' sexual tension)". Go here to sign up for it.


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