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These were pieces done for the Anything but Fic meme over at [ profile] kurt_blaine a couple of weeks back, that I never ended up posting here:

Rating: G
Includes: i) Schmoop ii) cracky kind-of-horror iii) girl!Kurt/girl!Blaine and iv) playing dress-up

Four images under cut )

Coming up next on this lj: The Stargate Atlantis team is lost in the Amazon rainforest! Or, well, something that looks like a rainforest. Kind of. Mostly, they're not happy. Possibly tomorrow :)
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I was reading [ profile] sotto_voice's wonderful story Broke free on a Saturday morning and this idea wouldn't leave my head, so...

Title: Homecoming dance
Rating: G
Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Brittany (with a few other characters, recognizable only via outfits :D) )
All the outfits were taken directly from the author's helpful image post at the bottom of the first part here.
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Title: Hanging out
Rating: G
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Kurt, Mercedes, Blaine, Rachel
Friends hanging out, with maybe just a tiny bit of something more...

Kurt's super-saturated coat welcomes you in )
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I snuck this new fandom art in right before the end of the year for a comm meme, which makes it...six different fandoms I've been drawing for in the last year. I have so many art ideas in my head for so many different fandoms, it's not even funny :/

Title: Afternoon nap
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Kurt, Blaine
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for this prompt on the New Years one sentence meme. I drew G-rated schmoop, what a surprise!

Full image )

More of other art coming soon too!


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