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Hey, it's Friday and LJ's not horfing! To mark this happy occasion, please send some art prompts my way. I'm currently in the middle of two SPN pics already, so might get to SPN prompts much later, but my preferred fandoms are Glee (gen (ND friendship), Kurt/Blaine & Santana/Brittany), SGA (gen), SPN (gen) and Star Trek (gen or Kirk/Uhura/Spock)

Things of note:
All prompts are valued and welcomed, but, as those who have prompted me before have come to realize, I am slow and flighty so will probably not get to all of them. Nothing drawn will ever go above PG. Maybe a very tame PG-13 at the most.

And speaking of SPN, here's a new poll with a couple of SPN questions I have (not spoilery, pertains to a crazy AU) and the requisite nonsensical ticky option:
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Title: Summer Day
Rating: G
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Santana/Brittany
Because they're really sweet together

Fluuuuff )
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• I am watching Transformers. Megan Fox is kind of hot, Shia Leboeuf is kind of not and the cg effect of the cars/machines turning into the autobots and decepticons is kind of mesmerizing.

• I am sadly obsessed with Ke$ha's Blow and am still flummoxed by the video. No, seriously, what's going on there?

[ profile] trekreversebang claims go up tomorrow. *flexes fingers in preparation*

• Kurt is TALLER THAN BLAINE. Blaine is SHORTER. Just because Kurt is the way he is doesn't mean he's shorter, or frailer, or weaker or whatever offensive stereotype that manages to be both homophobic and sexist at the same time. Bleh >:(

• I need a haircut.

• I wish I could draw metal well. Anyone have any tips or recommendations of art with well depicted machines/metal?
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I am back from my sojourn in Tennessee. Weather stereotypes lied and made me leave behind my nice warm coat (which I regretted quite a bit) but other than that, it was utterly delightful and extremely lovely everywhere. I heartily approve of grits and apple fritters as a regular breakfast item, mmmmm.

Oh heeey, guess which mod has yet to finish art for her own challenge! I can't even cheat and take longer (obviously I wouldn't do that because the due date for the art for [ profile] trekreversebang's right before claims go up. *gets to it pronto*

I am currently drawing: Star Trek art for the reversebang, Santana/Brittany from Glee and my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge. Jeez, how is it almost April already?

In a totally unrelated conclusion, does anyone have Ke$ha's "Blow" and could they please email it to me? I have a sudden craving for it but am at work right now :(
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Title: Through the forest
Fandom: SGA
Rating: G
Randomness again.

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These were pieces done for the Anything but Fic meme over at [ profile] kurt_blaine a couple of weeks back, that I never ended up posting here:

Rating: G
Includes: i) Schmoop ii) cracky kind-of-horror iii) girl!Kurt/girl!Blaine and iv) playing dress-up

Four images under cut )

Coming up next on this lj: The Stargate Atlantis team is lost in the Amazon rainforest! Or, well, something that looks like a rainforest. Kind of. Mostly, they're not happy. Possibly tomorrow :)
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I was reading [ profile] sotto_voice's wonderful story Broke free on a Saturday morning and this idea wouldn't leave my head, so...

Title: Homecoming dance
Rating: G
Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Brittany (with a few other characters, recognizable only via outfits :D) )
All the outfits were taken directly from the author's helpful image post at the bottom of the first part here.
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Fandom: SPN
Title: Tandem
Rating: G
Random, really random...

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So, I'm thinking of signing up for this: SPN Cinema challenge. Maybe with Dogma? Seems to fit into the SPN universe not too badly, and has recognizable/interesting visual elements. Anyone have any other suggestions/ideas? Obviously nothing where the two main leads are together romantically in canon...

Rec: [ profile] petite_madame is doing a very cool series of images for the SPN 30 Snapshots Challenge. There are three so far, I really like the mix of images + journal pages with various other design elements that she's got going. Take a look!
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Title: Hanging out
Rating: G
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Kurt, Mercedes, Blaine, Rachel
Friends hanging out, with maybe just a tiny bit of something more...

Kurt's super-saturated coat welcomes you in )
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Title: The climb (why do I suck so much at titles?)
Fandom: SGA
Rating: G

Full image )

Sometimes I feel like I'm only drawing so I can color in backgrounds. This is random fanart with setting/colors/idea mostly copied from a picture I came across. An exercise in crazy perspective and weird placement, please consider any and all errors to be filed under "experimentation". Also, Rodney isn't absent, he's just really slow.
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Artist signups end at 12 midnight EST tonight, so if you were thinking about it, go sign up now! Also, I almost failed to sign up for my own challenge. I was looking at the artist list last night and suddenly realized why my own name wasn't there *facepalm*

Ishq Hua - A really sweet and melodious song from the movie Aaja Nachle. The female singer (Shreya Ghoshal) is one of my favorites and I love the tune.
Download here (right click, save)

And stuff:
WsIP...Glee and SGA. And a teeny tiny SPN idea. And now I have to think about my Star Trek Reversebang piece. Any suggestions?

In conclusion:
A hilarious look at what they would look like if the best picture nominee posters told the truth. (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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[ profile] rrrowr wrote this delightful story where Santana visits Dalton, and following in Kurt's (unsubtle) footsteps, wears a Dalton uniform. Except, of course, she knows how to enjoy the hell out of it :D The image wouldn't leave my head, so...

Title: Sharp Dressed Woman
Fandom: Glee
Rating: G
Character: Santana Lopez

cause every guy is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed woman )

On a related note: Anyone know any general Glee comms where I can crosspost my art? I don't think [ profile] gleefic takes art, does it?
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So back in, uh, September, [ profile] innie_darling prompted me with Sam and Dean in Halloween costumes. Just four months later, here it is!

Title: Batman and Robin
Fandom: SPN
Rating: G
Wee Dean and Sam as Batman and Robin. In my head!canon, John would indulge them up to a point, but not elaborate store bought costumes, just the important parts :D

I'm Batman! )
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1) I am fish-sitting for a housemate and thought I'd killed it when I came home last night and found it unmoving at the bottom of the bowl. Apparently that's how fish rest and my panicked moving around of the bowl only disturbed it. But seriously, how would I know? I only eat the damn things, I've never observed one for longer than a few minutes :/ It's kind of cute when it eats though.

2) I am currently drawing:
a) Wee!Dean and wee!Sam trick or treating as Batman and Robin in semi-homemade costumes (almost done)
b) Santana in a Dalton uniform (hopefully hot)
c) Kurt, Mercedes and Blaine out walking in the snow (schmoooop)

3) If the comm is called Kurt_Blaine, putting "Blaine exists" in the header as a spoiler for fics is only funny the first couple of times. It's really annoying the bajillionth time I see it. It's a comm called kurt_blaine! Of course Blaine exists! /irrational peeve

4) [ profile] leyna55's Yuletart art is gorgeous. Go admire it here.

5) Trekreversebang will open shop on Monday *goes to work on new FAQ*

6) I love my new icon.
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It's about that time of year again. I'm not sure what people's thoughts are about a new round of the Trek Reversebang challenge, so before [ profile] zippitgood and I launch into a huge production, here's a poll to gauge interest (the timeline will be similar):

Important 2011 Trek Reversebang poll under cut )

Important links:
[ profile] trekreversebang | FAQs for last year | Masterlist 2010

ETA: Please link this around if you can. Thanks!
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• The state of me is mediumish, tending towards mostly fine. Work's ok and there's a spot of freelance design stuff here and there, but the really cool, big illustration project I thought I'd be working on, fell through unfortunately. So hey, if you're looking for a freelance illustrator with reasonable rates and a winning personality... :D (<-- that's me pimping myself out, jsyk)

[ profile] yuletart reveals are up. Mine was a Due South piece with Fraser and Ray (Kowalski) and was posted here.

• I'm almost finished with the wee Sam and Dean in Halloween costumes picture, and I already have another Glee picture in my head. With Mercedes this time, because Kurt and Mercedes deserve more BFFness than canon's delivering. And because Kurt and Mercedes being totally unimpressed by their boyfriends being distracted because they're too busy arguing over football and sharing frowns in stereo is an image that amuses me.

• Paid LJ account users, do you know of any coupons/discounts like last year? I managed to get a year's paid time for less than $10 then from a coupon someone sent me, but the year's almost up and any info on a discounted price would be helpful :)

• I changed my first diaper. I am both proud of myself for not being a total wuss and grateful that it isn't something I have to do often. I love my nephew, but I prefer the coddling and playing to the more unpleasant adult care-taking things that people have to do with their toddlers.

• Must see if people are up for another round of [ profile] trekreversebang.

• I feel like every time I finally get completely used to writing the year in dates, a new one comes by and messes it up...
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I snuck this new fandom art in right before the end of the year for a comm meme, which makes it...six different fandoms I've been drawing for in the last year. I have so many art ideas in my head for so many different fandoms, it's not even funny :/

Title: Afternoon nap
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Kurt, Blaine
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for this prompt on the New Years one sentence meme. I drew G-rated schmoop, what a surprise!

Full image )

More of other art coming soon too!
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Omg, look, an art post! I refuse to let this year end with a weird almost two month hiatus. So, art, with more coming soon.

Title: Another day, another planet
Rating: G
Team, clouds and silhouettes...basically, nothing particularly different from my usual.

Embiggen! )

SGA today, and *drumroll for new fandom* Glee art soon! 2010 is not over yet, dammit.
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Art Recs:
SPN L'ange gardien by [ profile] cafe_de_labeill Dean and Castiel, Art Nouveau-style. [PG]
The pencil strokes are excellent, lovely weight variations going on. In fact, this is an artist recommendation too, all of her work is worth a look too. The chibi style in general doesn't always appeal me, but that's more my personal preference with regards to that particular style, rather than her skills. Chibi or not, she has some lovely drawing/coloring/lighting going on in all her pieces.

SPN And of things that will bite by [ profile] becc_j Art for the reversebang challenge [G]
Two really cool contrasting styles make for a wonderful art post. I love the color choices for all of them, but I especially love the ones that are no completely realistic, the composition and texture are wonderful.

SPN Forever and Ever by [ profile] petite_madame SPNxNarnia crossover [G]
Absolutely amazing detail. Seriously, just go look. And admire.

HP Graphorn by [ profile] ratcreature [G]
I'm not in the fandom, but I don't think you need to be to appreciate how cool this picture is. She's drawn one of the fantasy creatures that was mentioned in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them according to the verbal description, and presented it Encyclopedia plate-style. It's imaginative and totally amazing.

Thoughts about Glee: Spoilers under cut for 2x06 (Never Been Kissed)
ETA: Warning for three smallish gifs under cut as well, if bandwidth's an issue.
Spoilers beware! )

Must start on [ profile] yuletart image. Coming up soon, more SGA and SPN art.


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