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Art from [ profile] marthawells' prompt on my request post, with a delightful little ficlet to go with it :)

Title: Cuddling in a cave
Rating: G
Characters: John, Teyla & Ronon

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A few icons from my artwork, feel free to grab, but please comment here and credit me if you do :) Original pieces for these icons are here and here

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

P.S: If you want icons from any of my other SGA artwork, feel free to ask :)
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For the [ profile] team_sga Team AU Fest, based on a prompt by [ profile] cat_77: By day, they are cut-throat investment brokers, by night, either vigilantes or just plain dorky drunks. I went with "business(wo)men by day, superheroes by night" :)
Full list of inspirations/complete lifts for the superheroes under the cut

Rating: G

Open sesame )

Many thanks to [ profile] miss_porcupine (and [ profile] kerithwyn for John) for all the ideas about what superheroes the team would be :)
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Rating: G
So, this is my attempt at a mini comic for SGA. [ profile] ratcreature had mentioned a (long) while back about SGA coming across Cthulhu and this was what came of it. Rodney's first page ramble is courtesy of [ profile] rageprufrock and all the dialog that sucks is mine. I have been working on this for away too long *posts and goes to collapse into bed*

Full comic below cut )
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Rating: G
Art for the [ profile] paintedspires challenge, the prompt was: The team caught in an Escher drawing, or a world where the laws of physics and gravity don't apply.
I went for the weird physics/strange gravity aspect. Gravity applies in any direction the planet chooses :D

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Title: Cherry Blossoms
Rating: G
Prompt: Japanese Cherry Blossoms - fragility, the transience of life
For [ profile] paintedspires (Check out the comm for all the lovely artwork!). Not quite fragility or transience in any tragic sense, but, change? And also, cherry blossoms :)

Complete image )
Colors are kinda faded on Firefox :/
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Art done for [ profile] pentapus' excellent story Queens in the Mire. Rather sketch-y sketch. Also, um, maybe vaguely twee?
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

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Title: Underwater
Rating: G
Pairing: None, Gen
Prompt: Seaworld AU
Warnings: None. Uh, SGA-1 as merpeople?
Drawn for the [ profile] team_sga AU fest, which has some really cool contributions, so check it out :)

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I am ashamed, but apparently not enough :(

Inspired by the spoilery picture I posted this afternoon (no spoilers in this picture). Spoiler-removed original of Ronon from that picture posted below cut for purposes of absolving me. Dedicated in shame to those who cheered it on.

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It's that time again. You know, that time when I make manips and try to be funny because I am strangely bored but not enough to go to sleep. Also, I feel like this is exactly the expression Ronon would have on his face if he were to be forced into a tuxedo.

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Three icons, from prompts by [ profile] cesperanza, [ profile] allisnow and [ profile] lemonitsa. Icons are shareable, just comment and credit if taking, please :)


Larger images and prompt explanation for the first one below cut )

Previous icon posts from prompts: 1 John/Rodney, 1 Ronon here
2 Teyla and 1 Team, here
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Previous set of icons (2 Teyla, 1 Team) can be found here

Two icons from prompts by [ profile] sheafrotherdon and [ profile] raisintorte. The icons are shareable, if you do want them, please comment and credit :)


And because I made them at a somewhat larger size, the larger originals are here )
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So some people expressed interest in seeing Ronon and Rodney to complete yesterday's madness, and , um, I might already have started on them anyway, so here you go. I promise this is the end of this AU. Seriously, I will only draw sane things after this.
Rating: G again

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Art for the [ profile] undermistletoe challenge


Um, it's a threesome but it's G rated?

See it in its full glory )


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