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H/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine: Spoilery casting news for White Collar that makes me, and I suspect, most of fandom, very happy. The url itself is spoilery so spoilerphobes beware hovering over the link.

There really is no business like Cho business! Which is to say, The Mentalist, I ♥ you. Ok, you too SPN. Keep it up :)

It's Friday, so it must be polltime! )

Random meme (paraphrased, that I don't remember who to attribute to):
If you had me at your mercy and could make me draw anything, what would you make me draw? Not that it's guaranteed that I will, since, you know, not at your mercy and all that, but still. I'm curious.
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Workplace closed on account of snow. Am now lounging around in my comfortable warm room, eating fajitas and about to make jambalaya soon. All while in my pajamas. Life is awesome.

My Teyla as Victorian umbrella!sword carrying heroine started off excellently but devolved into total meh :( Muccamukk gave me some good pointers, so let's see if it can be recovered into at least passable before too long, because the idea is still really fun.

So there's snow out there. A LOT. And it's not going to be stopping till probably tomorrow. It's a nuisance to shovel, but really really pretty, so nature is (mostly) forgiven.

three pictures! )

And finally, there's this meme and I'm shameless, so here's my thread:
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Got the idea of this from [ profile] glockgal who got it from [ profile] tbranch who got it from [ profile] draykonis (further provenance unknown), so, fancypants end of year fanart summary calendar image below.

Laaarge image under the cut )
Total output: ~30 (all my art here). I drew for SGA, SPN, Star Trek, Merlin, White Collar, Mentalist and, somehow, Mulan. And even managed to squeeze Daniel Henney into a piece right near the end :D Not sure what that collection really says about the progressive or regressive quality of my work as the year went on, but the Teyla fire-eater picture does look like one of the coolest pieces I've ever managed to come up with :) My resolutions for next year are to finally start that star trek reverse bang thing, draw MORE, and if I do get a paid account, post nonsensical polls every week. Because no Friday seems complete without a bit of gibberish.

Totally unrelated, anyone read any How I met Your Mother fic? I find Metal heart to be one of the best Barney/Robin stories I've come across, but anyone have any recs for other stories with ensemble or Barney and/or Robin in them? I ♥ NPH.
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*iz ovine* My thread in the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

Two SPN artist recs:
[ profile] _izu_: Really nice, light linework with an eye for interesting compositions. Some of her painting is really skilful too, the lighting in this portrait of Castiel (especially on the upper part of the face) is quite stunning.

[ profile] dauntdraws: Really fun, solid, graphic novel style artwork with a good eye for expressions. Very decisive linework and a lovely sense of light without a whole lot of colors or shades. I always adore well done black and white stuff and her style is excellent.

ETA: Brought to my attention by [ profile] miss_porcupine, a really cool post with pictures from a photo shoot by Empire magazine, with some movie stars recreating iconic performances.
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Kissing Meme
Comment here with a picture of a kiss. The people in the photo don't matter, they're there for reference, not content. The only requirement is that it be a good quality photo. Give me a pairing from any of my fandoms and I'll give you that kiss back to you with your pairing in it.

Fandoms: SGA, SPN and, though I've never drawn them before, willing to make a go at Leverage and Merlin.

Things to note: Het or slash (f/f, m/m) is welcome. I love drawing women. For SPN, no Sam/Dean, but slash is otherwise fine. Reference images need to be larger than icon size. I work pretty slowly, so no guarantees as to when or if I'll get to your suggestion, but I will try my best :)
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Grabbed from [ profile] pentapus:
Fannish Kissing Meme:

Comment here with a picture of a kiss. The people in the photo don't matter, they're there for reference, not content. The only requirement is that it be a good quality photo. Give me two pairings, any fandom I'm a fan of, and I'll give you that kiss back to you with one of your pairings.

Additional information: My fandoms are SGA and SPN. No Sam/Dean (SPN) and not particularly interested in drawing Carson (or Rodney other than in a John or het context) (SGA). Other than that, female characters are loved, het is preferred -especially for SPN- and slash (F/F, M/M) is welcome. Please do not post screencaps of shows, and images need to be larger than icon size. Much trepidation at this post given my usual artwork being rather predominantly gen, but still, could be fun. Not first come first serve and I might not get to everyone given my speed, but there shall be kissage dammit! conditions are larger than the meme itself. And I seem to be rather persnickety. Oh well.

That being said, my paid account stops being paid in a few days, so one of the last few polls! Maybe even the very last one!!
A poll about you! Or not! )

ETA: If you were seeing a magically disappearing and reappearing entry, sorry :( I was an idiot.
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Tagged by [ profile] big_pink and [ profile] smilla02, 20 questions and your answers with options to change any questions you don't like.

Because I like talking about myself, all that and some poetry too! )

Not tagging anyone but if you want to do this, please let me know because I would definitely like to read them :)

P.S: I just put on dark blue nailpolish on my toe-nails. I feel like I need to match up to it with my art, but sadly, all I can think of is cherry blossoms. Not particularly fitting.

P.P.S: Almost forgot, Team Teyla AU challenge. Team fic/art challenge with a definite emphasis on all of them. The name, IMO, is slightly misleading, but I guess it's a way to ensure it's all team all the time and not J/R with the other two just there happenstance. Info post here
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I have a new header and...well, pumpkin-y lj colors for Halloween. Check it out!

Two more spaces left for the give away stuff meme here (comments screened)

Went to sleep at 5 am. Am awfully chirpy considering. So, how's your day going?

ETA: No, nothing to do with goatse. Totally work safe and completely hilarious. Thanks to [ profile] miss_porcupine for passing it on :D
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Free stuff meme, slightly edited:
For the first five people that reply to me, I will send you something. It might be something I've made, or something cool from my hidden stash, it might be a mix CD, or a rubber duck, a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome. Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or fewer. The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first five to reply to this.

Comments are screened, so feel free to just leave contact info here. or you can email me at ileliberte(at)gmail(dot)com with your contact information. Have at it :)

P.S: I will definitely not send anyone a rubber duck, although a mix CD is fair game :D

ETA: Two more spaces left :)


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