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Art created for the lovely [ profile] hold_onhope's wonderful story, "Some Greater Good" (Gen, PG-13). Time difference means story link is forthcoming, but will be edited in here as soon as I get up from what I foresee to be a very, very welcome night's sleep *sways on feet* ETA: Story link added

I created two pieces, a cover and an interior illustration, and two peripherals in the form of page/chapter dividers.

Title: Some Greater Good
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Castiel, Dean, Ruby
Story: Read it HERE
Story summary: Castiel is told to protect Sam Winchester. To teach him what he needs to know if he wants to kill Lilith. Dean is in Hell - and the angels want him there. So when Uriel raises his brother from the pit, Sam, along with the unlikely ally he finds in Castiel, makes a decision. He's going to save his brother from the angels, no matter what it takes.

Full size cover )

Full size illustration )

Page dividers )
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A long time ago, I made a post asking for prompts and people indulged me quite a bit. This picture is dedicated to the lovely [ profile] cha who mentioned Sam, Dean and apocalypse, and even though this picture shamefully managed to not follow anything of the details of her prompt, but, well, at least it's apocalyptic, and it has Sam and Dean? (Also, Castiel and Anna)...(and, unsurprisingly, silhouettes).

Title: Just another apocalypse
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Anna

Doooom )
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Art from [ profile] maychorian's prompt on my request post. Go here for the cute little piece of dialogue she wrote to inspire it. I kind of maybe took it in a little...crackier direction than intended?

Title: Can you hear me now?
Rating: G
Characters: Castiel, Dean

how about now? )

And again, thank you so much everyone for the snowflake cookies and awesome Cthulu gifts ♥


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