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I asked for art prompts and [ profile] reflectedeve prompted me with Diana stealing a woman Neal was trying to flirt with? Bonus points if she also makes off with his fedora. ;). And so, just as it says on the package:

Title: Not this time
Rating: G
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Diana Barrigan, OFC

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(with new sort-of appropriate icon to boot!)
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Fandom: White Collar
Title: On the couch
Rating: G
Characters: Neil, Elizabeth, Peter (OT3 forever!)

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White Collar is made of cotton candy, glitter, little puppies and kittens and those cute little umbrellas people put in drinks. Every time I think it can't get more adorable, it does. Of course, there are times when you really should not put too much thought into the legalities/procedures of the way they actually solve their cases... but that apart ♥ I even resorted to getting an icon I did not make, for the first time. Lookit how cute they are! (Status of WC picture: Going slowly, but hopefully as cutely as it is in my head)

I enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes movie a lot (although a bit less of action!Holmes wouldn't have hurt), and have been reading a lot of Holmes fic, but even though the costumes and settings are absolutely fantastic and very tempting fanart-wise, RDJ as Holmes is throwing off the visual of Holmes that I always had (although Jude Law managed to work out perfectly as Watson) and so the urge for fanart is not really there. But as Miss P suggested, Teyla in Victorian clothing doing an Irene Adler is definitely an avenue of thought I could pursue... Also, it's maybe kind of lame, but I geeked out over the end credits with almost as much enthusiasm as I showed for the actual movie itself. The artwork and transitions were so cool!

In conclusion, the demonic sheep video is the best thing ever.

ETA: Does anyone know what flangst means? Enquiring minds want to know.
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The voices in my head that tell me to draw strange things kept making me want to draw Neal Caffrey and Dean Winchester making out. So, here, have a very random fannish crossover with very, very shallow motives.

Title: Double trouble
Rating: PG (they might be making out, but this is still me)
Characters: Neal Caffrey(White Collar)/Dean Winchester(Supernatural)

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Artwork inspired by this fantastic little fic snippet [ profile] spark_force left on my art prompt post.

Title: Playing dress-up
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: G
Pairing: Neal/Peter/Elizabeth

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