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Title: Weirdest day ever
Rating: G
Warning: CRACK
Characters: Mulan(2D Disney version), Kirk, Uhura, Spock (+ Mushu and Cri kee)
I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS EXISTS EITHER, OK? I blame [ profile] pentapus

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Also, if you haven't defriended me already for being completely off my rockers, there's a surprise coming up tomorrow to celebrate me wasting all of my time on LJ, starting exactly four years ago!
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In a looong ago poll for art prompts, [ profile] embroiderama suggested an AU where Sam and Dean were always female. And so, I present to you:

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Art for [ profile] miss_porcupine's absolutely hilarious fic, The Legend of Smedley Duckler, the Fighting Quacker You really won't understand why there's a duck wearing marine dress blues unless you read it :)

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Um, don't defriend me please. I couldn't help it! I blame [ profile] big_pink for putting the idea in my head.
Title: Jeffrey Dean Chigurh
Rating: G
Warning: Really bad haircut, but at least that bit was not my fault. Also, possible pastede-onness. And some brain scarring. I'm sorry, Jeffrey.

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Javier Bardem and JDM, long lost brothers y/n?
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I am ashamed, but apparently not enough :(

Inspired by the spoilery picture I posted this afternoon (no spoilers in this picture). Spoiler-removed original of Ronon from that picture posted below cut for purposes of absolving me. Dedicated in shame to those who cheered it on.

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It's that time again. You know, that time when I make manips and try to be funny because I am strangely bored but not enough to go to sleep. Also, I feel like this is exactly the expression Ronon would have on his face if he were to be forced into a tuxedo.

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So some people expressed interest in seeing Ronon and Rodney to complete yesterday's madness, and , um, I might already have started on them anyway, so here you go. I promise this is the end of this AU. Seriously, I will only draw sane things after this.
Rating: G again

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