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The first challenge on the newly renovated [ profile] paintedspires has been launched! Say hello to the Halloween Challenge:

Go here for more information.

I have new glasses. The frames are gold and rectangular/trapezoidal and I have the strange feeling that they're the kind you might see in forbidding-but-sexy-librarian roleplay. Except it makes me look like a cross between Peggy from King of the Hill and this random character from the Simpsons.

[ profile] rageprufrock shoved me headfirst into asian drama, and some are actually really charming, Coffee Prince is the cutest thing alive and Mars is rather addictive (anyone happen to have the title song?). While we're on the subject of media in other languages, hey, look, German soaps! Some kind individual has put English subtitles on all the Christian/Oliver clips from Verbotene Liebe and they are kind of adorable. I had a brief period of enthusiastically trying to learn German many many years ago, because my best friend was, but since I was trying to do it by myself, it kind of fizzled out soon. I remember a few random words and how to order black coffee :/

Bored now :(
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I drew on paper with a pencil yesterday for the first time in...forever. I keep trying to rotate lines and hit ctrl-z. It's kind of pathetic. And I realized that I have no markers, can barely find any color pencils and do not possess a sharpener. What the hell.

Somehow, when kmart offers a darker option for packages of socks in the women's department, it somehow assumes that I want two black, one dark blue, one white, one tan and one light blue. I just want a cheap package of black socks :( Finally I went to the young boys' section and managed to find a package of socks that were completely black and unmarred by any other colors, and they fit really nicely too. Do you think I can try that with men's jeans as well?

...I just posted about socks. Can you tell I'm bored? What randomness has occurred in your life recently?
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Things that I have thought of today:
Dijon mustard does wonders for a ham and lettuce sandwich, but if too ambitiously applied, can remind the eater of that time when she first ate sushi and shoved a whole bunch of the interesting looking green paste in her mouth. OUCH.

It is sad that fan art cannot be surreptitiously done in between making webpages at work.

Coming to work early means that I can go home early. Really.

I kind of want to write fic but only having random snippets of dialogue floating in my head without any plot or unifying structure does not seem to be enough. Which is sad.

[ profile] chowburger has a very interesting variety of styles in his/her art (art comm is [ profile] drawburger). Not all of them work for me, but some of them really do and the creativity is always admirable. Not a very prolific poster from what I can see and very multi-fandom, but good art is good art no matter who's in it (hee, Dr. Who features prominently). I especially adore this post.

Everyone's kinda quiet today. You, dear reader, can be the one to change that. My aim id is ileliberte.
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Friday afternoon blahs. It is sad that I can't draw at work. Anyone have anything fun (textual) to share? Random crap you want to talk about? Just itching to pick my brain about anything (what there is of it)? Going through your own Friday afternoon blahs?
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Does anyone want icons? Can't really promise the complete and utter adorableness of [ profile] pentapus' chibi icons but it could be...something. Depending on how many people comment, I might not be able to get to all of them and prompts close to my heart will be snatched up first, but it might be fun. For me and for you!!!

My primary fandoms are Stargate Atlantis and Supernatural. Due South at a pinch and maybe just a bit of Stargate SG-1. Specify if color or black & white in the request.
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You know that Mary Sue meme going around? I have the strongest urge to draw mine. There'll be wonderful things like stylish yet low-heeled boots, a haircut that only ranges from brushed down cool to careless cool (rather than degenerating to all-over-your-face dork) and a fancy flannel overshirt that flaps in the wind as I fly over the city aiding the clueless with my brains of awesome. I can be "Omniscient Woman"...although having a huge O on my chest would look a bit too much like having a zero and calling myself a loser. Maybe I can be Superomniscient Woman and have a S instead. And sometimes, I'll get into a fistfight with someone and knock the guy out with some well-aimed taps from my martial arts trained, toned arms.

If you're looking for a point to this post, there is none.

And yes, I'm bored again. Why do you ask?


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