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SPN art: Evil!Sam by [ profile] luluxa
Very cool picture of evil!Sam, delightfully laidback and looking even more menacing for that. The reflections of light are done really nicely as well.

SGA playlist: I'm enjoying Megadeth. Who'da thought? Also, I'm listening to Mission and Save Yourself on repeat from this Fighting Zombies playlist posted by [ profile] miss_porcupine (as part of the SGA drabble she'd done based on the zombie killing meme). Makes walking very hard when my feet keep trying to follow the beats of the songs.

Every time I feel like I haven't posted for a long time, I realize that I've posted less than a week ago. Checking lj multiple times a day really screws up time perception of posting. SGA Flashart project being worked on, something will be up soon :)

Lots of political stuff going on, so in lieu of any deep political insight I only have this to say, both Obama and Palin's kids are unbelievably cute. Oh wait, I also have this to say, could people be slightly less sickening please? There are actual issues that can be talked about. Dragging candidates' families into the muck is very very low, and is also nobody's business but theirs. Not that I believe it would have been any different had it been a "scandal" from the other side, some of the parties feeling righteously wronged would have been saying/doing exactly the same things they are decrying now. People can be classy that way sometimes. This however, is good to see. Unfortunate that it even needs to be said, but still.


Aug. 11th, 2008 04:22 pm
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I keep wanting to do art request posts, but I don't have the time to actually do anything new, what with everything I already have that I need to complete. I feel like I haven't drawn any SPN in ages.

[ profile] miss_porcupine wrote me this sweet ficlet Betwixt and between with Teyla, John and Yoni. She gives a nice Teyla, and the small snippets of reaction, how things might be different in Pegasus - both in general, and for Teyla herself - are very nicely done.

I suddenly had a flash of nostalgic fondness for Queer as Folk over the weekend and hunted up episodes on youtube and fic. There was a point in senior year where I was completely obsessed with it, and even given its limitations (omg the melodrama!), there are bits that I kind of love even now. Also, Randy Harrison looks almost edible in wire frame glasses.

Can you recognize the movie posters just by seeing one letter from each? I got three, so much for my powers of visual recollection :/

How's everyone doing?
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SPN recs-

Art for the bigbang challenge by [ profile] leyna55
Artwork for a story set in San Fransisco 1910. The story it's for is not really a category I read, but the art is gen and g rated. The gowns in the last piece are intricate and amazingly done, but the most beautiful part is the one with John and Mary's portrait. Her drawing is always amazing, but the framing here is genius as well. I am as overjoyed at its existence as I am jealous. Ok, a little more overjoyed than jealous :D

Art for Receiver by [ profile] dun
More bigbang art, this time for [ profile] dotfic's story Receiver (which is a really nice story itself, so go read it). I really like the lightness of her coloring, and she has a lovely style of her own for the figures, where it's realistic but also very unique.

Jessica by [ profile] stompe
A very pretty, vaguely ethereal drawing of Jessica. I like the pencil marks a lot.

The Meddler by [ profile] oatmeal_queen
I don't know why anyone thinks this would be anti-Ruby (see author's notes) since the only one getting his face hilariously mushed is Dean, poor baby. That said, it's really funny, and I like her line-weights, as usual. I still fail to see the point of random teardrops on chibi stuff, but it's a minor enough thing, it's cute with or without it.

Dimensions and Verticals
Summary: Sam accidentally gets Dean out of Hell. The results are something no one could have expected...
Sam finds Dean stuck in John's journal. As a doodle. It's crack, and it's amazing. It's also completely illustrated. Did I mention it was amazing?

The Syncretist by [ profile] newredshoes
Summary: Pre-series. John and Dean are perfectly capable of carrying on with their lives.
Stanford-era fic with a fantastic Cassie, great OC and of course, John and Dean done so very well, with an ever-present undertone of Sam, even though he isn't there in the story itself. I enjoyed the story a lot.

Random -
Hilarious 11 second video of someone yelling "Steffi, will you marry me?" and her response. I still have so much love for her even though she stopped playing a long while back ♥
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Back from my weekend of debauchery. Or, well, hanging out with awesome people without actually doing anything debauched, but that just sounded cooler. [ profile] pentapus is surprisingly tall for someone who's that ridiculously cute, but I guess she needs the extra lung space for all the incessant talking. My ears are yet to recover. [ profile] miss_porcupine did not bring me any cookies or other tasty goodies even though it was the whole reason I went to meet her. [ profile] summertea suffers from the debilitating lameness syndrome where she mixes up 86th street and 68th street, but she's sweet, so I forgive her. And, I someday hope to have a living room like [ profile] cesperanza's. I have in my possession, among other strange things, a plastic Hulk doll skating on a tiny rollerboard while holding up a golden christmas ornament, and I believe I am well on the way to realizing that dream. On the way back, the driver of the bus fought a losing battle with trying to turn on the Spiderman dvd he was planning to entertain us with and ultimately got annoyed enough to put in another movie. I then spent the rest of the trip with my ipod turned on high and reading a book while trying to ignore the fact that a movie like Norbit existed in this world.

Random fic rec: Just a Face on a Train by Katheryne (on
The thought of the Spiderman movies reminded me how much I love this story. I forget if I've ever recommended it before, but it's a lovely story, about one of the people on the train Spiderman stopped (from Spiderman 2), and how she accidentally comes across him again. The OC is wonderfully written and I always love it when heroes (fictional or real life) get recognized and thanked even when they haven't actually asked for it.

There will be much art posted soon. Very soon :D
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Art rec:
Football Baby by [ profile] neptune47 (G rated)
Art made for me for the John-Teyla thing-a-thon at [ profile] john_teyla_fic! It's a really cute piece, with John holding Teyla's baby and apparently inducting him/her early into the football fans club :D The baby is adorable and all the expressions are nice, especially Teyla's fond bemusement.

Article rec:
Commanding a Role for Women in the Military - An article on Lt. General Ann E. Dunwoody, on her way to becoming the first woman to achieve the rank of a four star general.

Saw Wanted on Saturday. I went in wanting lots of cool action, amazing Angelina Jolie and a fun time. Achieved all three. Even though I did laugh at the plot a few times, it wasn't meant to be the movie's strong point and I was satisfied. Also, I liked the conclusion (not just the absolute ending, but even before that) and I actually would not mind seeing it again if only for the ridiculously cool action. And Jolie of course. Not to mention, McAvoy is apparently very attractive too. Who knew? :D

ETA: WTF spammer posting about RP forum in every single spn comm?
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So much lovely fic to read, yay! And now that my computer's back, have to finish the eleventy million, or, well, three pieces of art for challenges due very soon. Which actually sounds great *squishes computer, but carefully*

[ profile] encycl_of_weird SPN comics. The art is good, the ideas are funny, and makes for very enjoyable reading :)

The Nair incident by [ profile] kentawolf.
Poor half-bald Sammy! Poor about-to-be-woken badly Dean! Although he probably deserves it. I love the composition and the shading. Sam's hands are a bit too large for the distance, but the faces are awesome. And aw, the flailing mouse!

Re: [ profile] spn_legacy A bad bad idea, with bad bad potential legal ramifications and putting people in the show in an awkward spot for either seeming ungrateful if they refuse the gift, or opening themselves up to anyone down the line who claims their idea was stolen by the people on the show if they don't refuse the gift. I am somewhat uncomfortable with something as subjective as taste when it comes to fanfic being an arbiter of true quality as well, but that's secondary here. However, as obvious as it might seem to a lot of us, it might not be that obvious to others, and even though most of the comments are fine, some of the comments are rather tasteless. A simple "no, thanks" or maybe an explanation of why it might be a bad idea would suffice, without directing expletives at her and/or misreading the post to assume that this is the only opportunity to say no.
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I found the coolest photoshop tutorial on showing glowy objects off to the best effect, but am stuck on scenarios. Suggest one! SGA or SPN, anything will do. I just want a few ideas to think about what I could do. Suggest some weapons you think might be appropriate too if the scenario is an action one. Something vaguely magical would be really great.

SGA story rec:
Why marines don't do memes by [ profile] miss_porcupine. You remember that meme about what weapon song and fighting partner you'd have if zombies attacked when you were in a mall? Well, miss_p's marines have been wondering about it too. And the conversation is absolutely hilarious.
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I got a statement from my health insurance company on what I would have to pay for my doctor's visit. I gather this is probably a rare occurence, but I was pleasantly surprised because I'm paying way less than I thought I would be.

Have bought high heels. Now need to gather up the courage to actually wear them outside.

This is a gorgeous image. Thanks to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link.

Have a weird urge to read badfic where friends of cute and cuddly character travel back in time to intimidate bullies who tormented cute and cuddly character, while said character wanders about as clueless as usual and only feels surprised that his lunch is intact for once. Yes, I know it's silly, and I'm absolutely certain any fic solely or even partially based on that premise will be execrable, but my lizard brain cries for it. And no, it's not anyone from SGA or SPN.

SPN fanart rec:
This is a lovely piece of lineart by [ profile] oatmeal_queen
I love the changes in line weight and it's a nice variation of chibi-type art where I don't feel like I'm being pummelled in the face by forced cuteness. The expressions are good and the designing of the panels are wonderful, especially Sam's figure in the middle.
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Hotness+fun :D

What small plants/herbs would you recommend that I can grow in my room? I'm going to be getting a much bigger room in a few months and it gets a lot of light. The only thing I can think of right now is cilantro.

Still loving Bones. Got my John+Teyla thingathon assignment and me likey! Also like, stir-fry leftovers for lunch, yum.

One [ profile] paintedspires rec:

Visual Music by [ profile] bingbulette Prompt: Teyla? Oh yeah, I knew her, the punk kid in the plaid skirts back in sophomore year, sat in the back of every class but music, had to dye her hair back to brown to sing lead in Guys and Dolls...
Really nice mix of realistic drawing and abstract representation of an idea, and very pretty colors. The grass is very soft and soothing (though I do think I recognize the PS brush tool :P) Good composition as well.
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First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the paid time! No fair being anonymous, how am I supposed to be grateful properly if you don't tell me who you are? Please let me know what you want by way of art and it'll be yours, with much gratitude from me ♥

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the 2007 Stargate awards. Three of my art pieces won, and I happen to love all three. I'm glad others do too :) Thank you!

Recipe: Indian style chickpeas with ground beef (note: the preparation tastes fine even without ground beef, if you're vegetarian, and bits of coconut actually goes very well with the chickpeas in that case)
On to the recipe )

Finally, signups for the John and Teyla thing-a-thon over at [ profile] john_teyla_fic end tomorrow. Stories/art can be gen or het which is excellent since my preference is, to quote [ profile] pentapus, "basically John and Teyla Warrior BFF (with optional awkward yet smokin' sexual tension)". Go here to sign up for it.
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I don't really see the point in producing fanwork for a show if you have no regard for it whatsoever. I make a lot of fun of SGA at times, but it's based in some fondness and having starting from a position of love, I believe, gives a lot of slack to any follow up disillusionment and/or criticism, whoever it comes from and whatever shape it takes. Believing that everyone in the show is stupid except one or two and that the whole execution is crap just makes me think that all that outpouring of distaste about it is really not worth the energy, and any fanwork from that source is sort of...pointless. Also, slagging off Teyla like that... I really needed a warning before venturing there.

Anyway, happier things. More [ profile] paintedspires recs:

Must see One of the coolest, most gorgeous pieces to come out of paintedspires- Seasons in Atlantis by [ profile] _phoon_. Prompt: Art Nouveau
Really truly art nouveau, Mucha would have been proud. Not only do they look like themselves, the borders, the coloring, the items with the portraits, my god, they're absolutely fantastic. It doesn't matter whether you don't know what stargate atlantis is, go see this.

Sheppard flying a Steampunk!Puddlejumper by [ profile] ratcreature Prompt:Victorian steampunk AU
Very cool picture, the machine construction is excellent, the coloring works really nicely and Sheppard's so gleeful :D

'T Was Brillig by [ profile] crysothemis Prompt:John fights the Jabberwock with his vorpal sword
Wonderful work, the composition is excellent, and the muted coloring works really well for the setting. The Jabberwocky is imaginatively designed and John looks immensely hot.
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I was watching this Hindi movie yesterday (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, in case you're curious), and in my initial rush of nostalgia, had forgotten how stupid I'd found it the first time I saw it, and how its stupidity still stands strong even after many years of not having seen it. Even though I have soft spots for all the actors, I don't recommend you watch it. But, what I wanted to talk about was how the sort of love triangle (tomboyish girl loves male best friend, male best friend loves suave newcomer girl and suave newcomer girl loves boy, but knows that tomboyish girl loves boy too) had moments where I thought tomboyish girl and suave newcomer girl could totally be slashed together. Oh fandom. I never had thoughts like this before. Also, even though I found it stupid, it was like badfic where there's a constant refrain of "omg wtf" in your head at the dialog, plot, setup but it totally hits your emotional kinks at certain points.

Snagged my spn bigbang claim today, I suspect I will be very happy with the story I got.

Some more paintedspires recs:

Exploring by [ profile] bellewhan Prompt: Lantean whales (or dolphins, or schools of fish) exploring Ancient underwater ruins.
Lovely colors and idea. There's something very satisfying about seeing a piece that has such an interesting mix of digital effects and more traditional hand drawn imagery, the water looks very pretty, the ruins are intriguing and the viewpoint is really cool. Also, excellent octopus :)

It's a Strange World by [ profile] steammmpunk. Prompt, appropriately enough, is Steampunk AU
Two tone pieces done skilfully are always, always gorgeous. I like Rodney usually, but here? Oh man, I love him.

Muppet: Atlantis by [ profile] astridv Prompt: Muppet Atlantis!
It's smile time Atlantis style! Ronon is especially awesome. Oh man, everyone's so cute!

Ok, possibly the coolest rec I have ever done here, painted eggs! Well, egg. Puddlejump(egg)er by [ profile] retrofit88 Prompt: the schematics of a 'Jumper
Man, it's painted on an egg! What more is there to say? Go!

Night Reflections by [ profile] gnine Prompt: Whales, stars, Atlantis at night
Some lovely coloring, the city looks like a truly lived in alien city, the lights are pretty and the reflections in the water are gorgeous. Wonderful piece.

And to round it off, our star artist [ profile] leyna55, once again shining with her Regency AU.
I have no more sparkly epithets for her, I've run out of original things to say, but by now, you probably know enough to just go click on the link and marvel at her skills.

I'm trying my hand at drawing a small SPN comic strip. So hard! My style is not light at all, and man, expressive but clean outlines in a teeny little square = what the hell was I thinking. But I shall persevere. And maybe it will be a tiny bit funny too :/
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Three more recs from [ profile] paintedspires submissions:

On a rainy afternoon by [ profile] renisanz
Another really sweet Jennifer/Ronon by Renisanz. This one's sweeter rather than the smouldering the last one was, very soothing and peaceful with bonus random cute bandaid on Ronon :D.

Fantastic Voyage by [ profile] pentapus
Lovely idea, and beautifully crisp execution. I love the viewpoint, the hazy receding background and the reflections and Keller in her pajamas is not just cute, she fits the quiet scene really well too. Bonus wallpaper of the background included :)

Team Night, or Take Your Shoes Off by [ profile] sandalstrap
Charmingly quirky little piece. The sketchiness goes with the style of the figures and there's a lot of expression on the faces and through the body language with very simple strokes. Really cute drawing.
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All this lovely art, I'm getting so spoiled!

First up, Let the Tabbies Win (G) by [ profile] pentapus.
Her serious artworks with their profound meanings and socially relevant messages always...ok, just kidding. OMG CUTE LITTLE KITTENS SCRAMBLING ALL OVER RONON is more like the reaction you'd usually get, just with different nouns at other times. This one is as ridiculously cute as I thought it would be. Prompt: Kittens in Ronon's HAIR

Your Kiss Might Kill Me (PG) by [ profile] renisanz. Prompt: Ronon/Jennifer, first kiss
This is a beautiful drawing, with some gorgeous coloring and lettering over it. There's a lovely non-fussy way of getting around overlapping spaces and the color choices for the final product works so very well. I was waffling about whether I found Ronon's head too big or not, but it actually didn't bother me or make me think "wrong", so I'll take it as a successful stylistic choice. Lovely work.

Trouble Mounting (G) by [ profile] calcitrix Prompt: Rodney vs a very unhappy camel-thing; dueling glares
This is a fun drawing with really good expressions and the camel things are wonderfully designed. John and Rodney's poses are excellent and Teyla's wavy, flippy hair is very cute. I wish the blurring/smudging brush had been used a lot less, but that apart, a very entertaining and well drawn piece.

There's more Leyna, Steammmpunk and many others to come still, it's truly an embarrassment of riches already and it's barely been a week of posting. And also, may I just say, I'm so glad I have a huge ego. It saves me from a lot of mental turmoil when faced with such gorgeous artwork from everyone XD


Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:36 am
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I think I'm dying. Because omg, look at this! SGA-Noir picture by [ profile] leyna55. The prompt: The Team as a noir detective story: Teyla in Burberry and fedora, John as homme fatale, Rodney as Detective Teyla's sidekick, Ronon as the innocent suspect. Teyla, John, Rodney, Ronon. Add others as needed: (Added Defence Attorney!Elizabeth)

I would post in all-caps but that would make it really hard to read the post and then maybe you won't click on the link (although possibly everyone already has). This is sheer genius, I mean, the expressions, the clothing, look at the prompt! It's all there! Just aaaaaaa, so absolutely utterly excellent! Not only does she have head shots, she has book covers! For a whole possible series!!!

[ profile] paintedspires was such an excellent idea *pats self, [ profile] pentapus and [ profile] summertea on the back*

P.S: O writers, can I haz dishevelled bombshell John and fedora clad detective Teyla story NOW? Everyone else can be there too :D
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This amazing team story, Seasons of Gold by [ profile] tielan
Summary: What began six months ago when John began to form his own team is complete. Maybe not the way John imagined it - not the way it began all those months ago, but complete all the same.
I loved this. Wonderful and touching team interaction, with strong character portrayals for each and every one of them. Season four spoilers, and the team goes through quite a long period of time through the story and the evolution of their understanding in the way they fight, in the way they're a team is lovely. The last bit is heartwrenching.
Go read and gush :)

So, [ profile] paintedspires is live! And already, some really cool work's on there. Three pieces I really liked-

The Electric Things Have Their Life Too(PG-13) by [ profile] steammmpunk. Prompt: Cyberpunk AU
Frankly, I don't think I need to sell you on going to see her work because you would have to not be in SGA at all to not know the wonder that is her artwork. I have decided I will kidnap her till she shows me how to color like that. This is gorgeous.

Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight(G) by [ profile] astridv Prompt: the Wraith, and "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"
Striking composition and lighting, always Astrid's strong points. Very professional line work and shading and a wonderful comic book feel, where you're in the middle panel, right after the talking and right before the shooting.

Enchanted Atlantis(G) by [ profile] le_mot_mo (link goes to her art journal, warning- large images) Prompt: John and Rodney in Enchanted by Disney
Cool mix of photographs and hand drawn Disney animation-style art to create a poster for the movie Enchanted, version Atlantis. The photomanipulation is very clean and the mixing is done nicely too. Cartoon prince John is cute :) My only quibble is the slightly congested lettering below for the movie blurb, but I guess that is the nature of that typeface, which actually matches with the spirit of the poster.

Thanks to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link to this really great slideshow of posters for female recruits in the Marines, A Few Good Women. It goes through chronologically as far as I can see, and my personal favorite is this one (no. 10, if the direct link doesn't work)
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A story I wanted: (which I then had to beta even though it was for my birthday but [ profile] pentapus is lame like that :P) Queens in the Mire Because there's team stuff, and wraiths and Teyla being very very cool while being very very muddy, and Rodney being very very Rodney and Ronon and John and mmm.

A video that makes me smile a lot: Discovery Channel ad

A blog post I liked: You don't have to be pretty

A song that makes me laugh: The Gnu Song (right click, save as)

Some things that make me happy: The weather, all the flowers on the trees, the sky, a belly full of pizza and cake and songs from old backup CDs that I'd forgotten I had.

What's making you happy gentle (and ungentle) readers? And if nothing is at the moment, is there anything I can do?
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Bobby's dog, Rumsfeld! by [ profile] gnatkip. Cute picture with a charmingly spare style and added bonus of a process video. I love watching art process videos, the strokes drawn, the decisions an artist makes, they're always fascinating.

Band fandom comic with bonus mouse by [ profile] d0wn_on_paper. Ok, I don't know who these people are and I am not particularly interested in them, but this is lovely artwork. First, a cute comic, and then, then, the sort of style/space mixing I always adore, the 2d comic in a 3d space, with the comic being drawn by a really well defined mouse holding a sharpie! How awesome is this!

Spnstoryfinders is somehwat daunting, so please be my search function o flist. There was this story where Dean runs into the model who was Carmen in his WIAWSNB dream. Her name's...Olivia, I think? He sees her at a convenience store and helps her load her waterbottles in her car? I have a feeling it might be by an author on my flist even, but completely forgot who it actually is.
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Art is Long" by [ profile] miss_porcupine.
Summary:Life is short, art is long, opportunity fleeting, experimenting dangerous, reasoning difficult. -- Hippocrates
If you've read Qui habitat, you'll like this. If you haven't read Qui habitat, you'll like this. The Rodney voice is absolutely perfect. It's not light reading, what it is is awesome story-telling. Go read and leave admiring feedback :)

Completely and utterly unrelated to the story above, can people recommend some gay (using gay as shorthand for gay and lesbian here) themed movies to me? Realistic, fluffy, sweet but stupid, anything will do. It doesn't need to be about coming out, it can just have a central lead or important side story of a gay couple. Doesn't even need to end with coupling up. The only thing, um, maybe warn me if it might make me despair for humanity with the ending. Thanks!
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I'm guessing there are a few people who haven't seen this yet, so if you're one of those unfortunate few, go on over to [ profile] leyna55's journal to see an absolutely gorgeous Steampunk AU SGA picture. It's fantastic, the faces look like them, their expressions are great, and it kind of makes me want to propose to Teyla, stare lustfully at John and Ronon and squish Rodney. And while you're there, check out her other stuff too, because she just is that good.

[ profile] pentapus has a post about a hypothetical SGA Superhero AU, help me turn that hypothetical into reality! Go here and try to mind whammy her into writing this right now!

A very cool beginning to an SGA AU fic by [ profile] greenconverses, where Teyla's an Olympic level figure skater, John "The Shredder" Sheppard is a former X-Games star, Rodney is Teyla's coach and Ronon is John's manager and there's a slight John/Teyla angle that makes me gleeful. It's quite charming and makes me want much much more. Go here to read it and request more.

Not quite a SGA rec (there are a few SPN pieces in there the SPN people might like), but more like a general art rec for [ profile] jackieocean. You can see her work on the art tag. I love the style, realistic with very much her own influence shining through. Do look through all the art entries, I can't decide what's my favorite.


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