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• The state of me is mediumish, tending towards mostly fine. Work's ok and there's a spot of freelance design stuff here and there, but the really cool, big illustration project I thought I'd be working on, fell through unfortunately. So hey, if you're looking for a freelance illustrator with reasonable rates and a winning personality... :D (<-- that's me pimping myself out, jsyk)

[ profile] yuletart reveals are up. Mine was a Due South piece with Fraser and Ray (Kowalski) and was posted here.

• I'm almost finished with the wee Sam and Dean in Halloween costumes picture, and I already have another Glee picture in my head. With Mercedes this time, because Kurt and Mercedes deserve more BFFness than canon's delivering. And because Kurt and Mercedes being totally unimpressed by their boyfriends being distracted because they're too busy arguing over football and sharing frowns in stereo is an image that amuses me.

• Paid LJ account users, do you know of any coupons/discounts like last year? I managed to get a year's paid time for less than $10 then from a coupon someone sent me, but the year's almost up and any info on a discounted price would be helpful :)

• I changed my first diaper. I am both proud of myself for not being a total wuss and grateful that it isn't something I have to do often. I love my nephew, but I prefer the coddling and playing to the more unpleasant adult care-taking things that people have to do with their toddlers.

• Must see if people are up for another round of [ profile] trekreversebang.

• I feel like every time I finally get completely used to writing the year in dates, a new one comes by and messes it up...
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The [ profile] yuletart reveals were today. I did Temeraire art for [ profile] _bounce_, who asked for Laurence and Temeraire having a moment of quiet. First time I ever did Temeraire art and I'm kind of happy with they way it turned out :)

Link to the full image on yuletart

Here's some music to go with this not-quite-an-art-post. It's from the movie Dil Se, (awesome, amazing)music by A.R.Rahman. The song, Chhaiya Chhaiya has a wonderful dance-y rhythm, interesting instruments with fun little interludes in the middle, a lovely male voice and an awesome video to go with it. The song's on my server, so please right click and save :)
Chhaiya Chhaiya:
Download song here.
See the dancing-on-top-of-a-train video on youtube here.
And let me know if you like it!
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After 21 hours of flying and about 10 hours of sitting around twiddling my thumbs and falling asleep in extremely ungraceful ways in between flights, I am finally in India. Where, of course, my leather jacket that was almost not warm enough when I took the train to the Newark airport, turned into something that I had to throw off my body before I got barbecued when I stepped out of the plane. Lots of stuff to do for the wedding (not my own XD) but am getting in ample cuddle time with parents and managing to meet friends too. Also, delicious junk food from roadside stalls, along with all the dishes that I totally made a list of before I came here, mmmmm. Sometimes I feel like food is pretty much my reason for living, which is kind of sad but also probably true.

Signed up and got my assignment for [ profile] yuletart, should be interesting. Have something sketched out for Star Trek bigbang too, all stuff to do once I get back. Have successfully pimped [ profile] miss_porcupine into Criminal Minds \o/, and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a new show to follow. Ensemble love ♥ To end this little update, in totally unrelated news, I am still obsessed with Daniel Henney. Please send help.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go eat again :D


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