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Hey, it's Friday and LJ's not horfing! To mark this happy occasion, please send some art prompts my way. I'm currently in the middle of two SPN pics already, so might get to SPN prompts much later, but my preferred fandoms are Glee (gen (ND friendship), Kurt/Blaine & Santana/Brittany), SGA (gen), SPN (gen) and Star Trek (gen or Kirk/Uhura/Spock)

Things of note:
All prompts are valued and welcomed, but, as those who have prompted me before have come to realize, I am slow and flighty so will probably not get to all of them. Nothing drawn will ever go above PG. Maybe a very tame PG-13 at the most.

And speaking of SPN, here's a new poll with a couple of SPN questions I have (not spoilery, pertains to a crazy AU) and the requisite nonsensical ticky option:
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Prompt me!

Sep. 15th, 2010 01:17 pm
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Another edition of Give-me-a-prompt-and-I-will-try-not-to-be-a-massive-loser-and-will-attempt-to-actually-fill-it. This one is subtitled "Help me kick this artist's block D:"

I'm hoping for ideas that can potentially be fast/drawble type things, and funny/cracky is more than welcome.
• Fandoms are Supernatural, SGA, Star Trek, White Collar with special guests Leverage and Glee.
• Gen/het/slash all ok, though gen is preferred.
• PG-13 highest rating
• Cool costumes, ridiculous AUs = awesome

Thank you!
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It's been a while since the last one, so, give me some fanart prompts!

Fandoms: SPN (gen/non-wincest), Star Trek (gen or OT3 with Spock/Uhura/Kirk), SGA (gen), White Collar (OT3).

Stuff to know:
• Nothing should be over PG-13 (if that).
• I might not, unfortunately, be able to get to all of your prompts (out of time/out of ideas) but I still really appreciate you indulging me.
• And both a note and an explanation of the point above, will take me some time to finish because I haven't met a picture yet that I couldn't waste hours over.

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So...I might have just watched that episode where Sam and Dean get punted into TV-land. And it was quite hilarious. And it made me want to draw them into another tv show. I know, I know, old meme is old, but anyone up for offering suggestions about what TV show I could draw them into? (insert usual disclaimer of them not being paired up blah blah)

Also, speaking of AUs, I seem to remember someone drawing a Bones AU with Sam and Dean (or maybe Jared and Jensen), but I can't seem to find it. Did I just dream this up? Or am I thinking of the wrong fandom? I do remember thinking that it was a really nice picture. Any clue what I'm talking about?
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To celebrate finishing my [ profile] yuletart entry, here, have a prompt post.

Fandoms: SPN (gen), Star Trek (OT3 with Spock/Uhura/Kirk), SGA (gen), White Collar (OT3!) and Mentalist (gen, and also, I specifically ♥ Jane and Cho).

Stuff to know:
• Nothing should be over PG-13 (if that).
• I might not, unfortunately, be able to get to all of your prompts but I still really appreciate you indulging me.
• And both a note and an explanation of the point above, will take me some time to finish because I haven't met a picture yet that I couldn't waste hours over.

Rules (yoinked partly from [ profile] pentapus): Please give me at least 1-3 lines of dialogue as a prompt. If writing's not your thing, please give me a not-too-small picture of an outdoor setting (landscape, architectural stuff etc.) to base the characters in.

First inspired, first served? Thanks!
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*points up* Soliciting for fanart prompts. Fandoms I draw in are Star Trek, SPN & SGA. Gen/non-explicit het/non-explicit slash all welcome. Action scenario suggestions are very cool.

Things to note:
• I love drawing women
• Not a huge Kirk/Spock fan, though put Uhura in there and I am all for the OT3! *unsubtle hint*
• I will not get to all of your prompts because I a) take a long time drawing b) am a flake. But thank you in advance for indulging my whim anyway, I really appreciate every prompt.
• If you have a specific setting you want it in, feel free to supply a picture as visual aid.

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This was an awesome weekend. Even Monday's not looking bad either, other than the fact that my lunchtime potato salad tasted like someone doused it in sugar syrup.

Since I'm feeling generally full of love, anyone want drawn icons? Icons to the first five people who comment. SPN/SGA/maybe non-fannish with reference if interesting enough, with these points to keep in mind:
Nothing over PG, I love drawing women (not to diminish the deliciousness of the SPN leads though), gen is very strongly preferred and the icons will be shareable.

ETA: Slots filled
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Spent a lot of time on my new journal header and layout. The header is totally nonsensical, but satisfies my urge for shiny things that have little or no intrinsic value. Or meaning. Or even design sense. That said, look, shiny! [ profile] ileliberte

Cooked up a storm, made carrot cake, chickpeas with ground beef, scalloped potatoes, bread and collard greens. All this better last me a long time. The carrot cake recipe was really very easy, I'll post it sometime later.

I have not posted any polls in a while, what with bigbang and all, so here's one. It has Sam and Dean on horses (or not), SGA AU idea requests and a whole lot of nonsense.

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I hope everyone who celebrates it had a very merry Christmas and those who don't, got a restful holiday anyway :)

Some thanks and a bit of preening:
Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Mckay/Sheppard awards, Respite got me a very flattering runner up position in the digital art category. (I feel like I should give a nice speech here, but the Indian cricket team is collapsing like a house of cards in Australia and the joy of the result above only extends to making me not mourn much about that.)

Things more somber:
Just finished watching Dances with Wolves. Apart from some niggles (including some slightly superficial ones of Costner shaving off his moustache and looking even more incongruous and McDonell having 80s hair), I rather liked it. However, everyone knows how that story ends. I watched Aimee and Jaguar last week. Recommend it highly. It's a love story -and more- set in Nazi Germany, between two female protagonists and Maria Schrader (Jaguar) is brilliant. However, given what I just said about the setting, we all know how that big picture ends as well. Now I just need to watch 1947 Earth to round up a triumvirate of human beings being somewhat excellent in the middle of being immensely, unbelievably horrific.

Some recs:
Fic - A very happy non-denominational voluntary non-working day by [ profile] miss_porcupine Go!
Art - An interesting manip for the sga art santa challenge. Two somewhat glaring mistakes, with the crescent moon apparently turning transparent and a part of the balcony missing, but other than that, charming mood with consistent coloring, creative scenery and a case where blurring works.
And this beautiful beautiful one with Heightmeyer, Mucha style. Art styles are pretty hard to hide, and I'm quite certain I know who did this one and I am not at all surprised at the gorgeousness.

Things that you're probably following this journal for:
If you're still reading, feel free to drop an art prompt, SGA or SPN or maybe even a crossover. Gen preferred (for SPN, gen only please), rating as low as possible. As always, disclaimer being that it is a selfish attempt to pick other people's brains without making any guarantees about completion of said prompts.
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Random musings on a Friday afternoon:
Dear author, if you write "cackling electricity" when trying to convey the dynamic presence of your character, I think it conveys a rather less imposing image than you were possibly aiming for. Leaving aside, for the moment, the tired cliche that term is even when spelled properly, that missing r makes a world of difference.

Dear self, the summary is rather frightening, why must you be lured into obviously bad stories just because there is a promise of some angst with a happy ending? Sucker.

Dear flist, [ profile] ltlj has updated her space pirates story, please go and read because it is great. And has Zoe in it. Also all the usual suspects plus Carter. Is there any doubt why I love her so much? ([ profile] ltlj that is, not Carter (though I love her too.))

Dear flist, I address you once again to ask for icon prompts. I will be smart this time and only ask for four. SPN/SGA, gennishly inclined, my favorite characters preferred, you know the drill. Icons will be shareable once I finish them, so please keep that in mind too.
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Hello! I am bored! I wish to make people write drabbles/ficlets for me that I will then illustrate! Order will be by what I can do first rather than first come first served, but will try my best to get to all of them. I'll close it if I'm getting too many (I wish). Fandoms are SGA and Supernatural.

Some things that would rock my socks off: John action (without innuendo)/ lots of Teyla/ lots of teaminess/ humor/ cuddliness/ Teyla action (with or without innuendo)/ Sam having fun/ Dean being Dean/ aww brothers!!! (um, also, no Sam/Dean). All this in a lovely max. PG-13 rating package. Yes, I'm a little high maintenance apparently.




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