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Two songs this time:
Madno - Gorgeous love song - lovely melody, voices, lyrics, everything. I think that even if you don't understand the words, they'll still sound beautiful.
Movie: Lamhaa; Singers: Kshitij Tarey & Chinmayi
Download here

Kata Kata - A fun, rambunctious song about the night before the wedding and the last day of being single.
Movie: Raavan; Singers: Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi & Kunal Ganjawalla
Download here

As always, songs are on my server, so please right click and save. And let me know if you liked them :)

Random Indian TV nostalgia:
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is a song and video about unity in diversity and was broadcast on the then sole Indian broadcast network, Doordarshan, from 1988. Various people, including writers/singers/actors/sportsmen etc. feature in the video and the same line is repeated in 14 different languages. It sends shivers up my spine (in a good way) every time I hear it.
Video embedded under cut )
There's a very good writeup on the Wikipedia page for it.

Things on my fannish roster:
[ profile] spn_tarot picture almost done.
• New SGA picture very tentatively started
• Uber cracky idea for Star Trek picture conceived of.

Um, sort of related, if there was a picture of the Trek crew in, say, the land of internet memes, which memes would spring to mind immediately? I'm just, you know, curious...
ETA: internet memes as in Old Spice man, lolcats, i can haz cheezburger etc.
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Dear Livejournal,
I am off to have a short but (hopefully) grand adventure in Europe (\o/). Don't break the internet while I'm gone. I promise a much more fulfilling journal experience here once I get back and finally post some fanart. No, really.

Have some parting gifts:
• Denzel Washington & Chris Pine in the same movie? Yes, please! Trailer under cut:
Slamtrak! )

• Old Spice Man meets Feminist Hulk: Genius! (the piece itself is worksafe, but please note url)
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Iktara from the hindi movie Wake Up Sid
Some context: Girl and guy live together (complicated back-story) but aren't together. He has a bit of a crush on her and she's realizing that she's starting to return it. The song's all about slowly dawning feelings and is really melodious. Also, Konkona (the actress) is beautiful ♥
Music video under cut )

Theme song from Goong/Princess hours
Some context: Korean Drama that [ profile] rageprufrock pulled me into and which subsequently ate up massive chunks of my time. It fluctuates in quality (looots of episodes) but it's mostly pretty sweet and has a lot of cute people in it. And I like this song a lot.
Music video under cut )

Vampire Hunter D AMV set to Moonlight Shadow
Vampire Hunter D's an animated movie that I watched...sophomore year of college? It was fun and the drawing style was interesting. And among the zillion Sailor Moon AMVs my friend spammed me with, I got linked to this and absolutely adored it.
Music video under cut )

And just because, Neil Patrick Harris singing about suits :D
Music video under cut )
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• It has been exactly a month since I last posted any fanart D: More Star Trek's coming up soon though, Thursday, in fact (for [ profile] trekreversebang) and then my second one later in the month, and I'm doing art for two stories for SPN Bigbang, drafts due June 1, and I am finishing up one art commission and starting up another huge one, not to mention the various fanart ideas flitting through my head all the time and aaaahhhhhhhh!!!! *runs around like a madwoman*

• Being a mod for a challenge can be incredibly fun and exciting, but sometimes... *points up to the running around like a madwoman sentiment*

• NPH was on Glee tonight. It's very hard for me to be objective about anything he does ♥♥ (ok, he still can't make me watch Beastly or the Smurfs movie, but other than that...) This was the first episode I watched of Glee and well, the show's not my thing, but Lea Michele does have a really beautiful voice.

• Anyone around here watching korean dramas? Specifically "Life is Beautiful"?

• Here's a video of Ishq hua, a song I really like (from a hindi movie called Aaja Nachle), featuring an actress I have a huge crush on, and an actor who isn't hard on the eyes either. It has (mostly accurate) subtitles too, and it's kind of sweet and funny:
Video under cut )

• And to wrap up the post, here's some stunning art by [ profile] nami86, Stained Glass Windows. All sorts of characters from Supernatural painted like they were on stained glass windows. Very large image, and absolutely worth waiting for the aeons it takes to completely load at full size.
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So A.R.Rahman just came out with a new soundtrack for the movie Raavan. The whole soundtrack is amazing, here's one of my favorites from there:

Thok De Killi Striking rhythm, powerful beats and a very catchy tune. Since I can't do the lyrics justice in translation, the theme can be approximated to "viva la revolución".
Download the song here
As usual, songs are on my server, so right-click save. And if you can, let me know what you think :)

A lot of hilarity courtesy of the US military:
The US Army presents: Telephone, the remake
Amazingly hilarious video behind cut )

And just so the other services don't feel left out, some older videos of:
• The Marines doing the Cha Cha Slide Video under cut )
• The Navy with "I'm on a Boat" Video under cut )
• And the Air Force Academy with "Tik Tok" Video under cut )

I'm dying of laughter. XD

Also, Supernatural and Mentalist last night were very entertaining. That mini music video midway through SPN=shiver inducing ♥


Mar. 28th, 2010 02:17 pm
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Thank you anonymous person for the sugary bunny in my profile! I wish you many sweet treats too!

Totally not new movies that I'm feeling a resurgence of love for:
Saving Face How sweet was this movie and how awesome was the ending? I rented it way back when, and still re-watch it from time to time. ♥

Undercover Brother I love this movie. It's hilarious and kind of smart in its own way. ♥ (and no, it's not just because NPH is in it, although that definitely doesn't hurt :P)

A game that I have been losing hours of my life on:
Robot Unicorn Attack. Just as wonderful as that name sounds. You're welcome. Feel free to send all curses [ profile] muccamukk's way when you forget about everything else and keep hearing that stupid song in your head, it's all her fault.

And in conclusion, somewhat thematically related to Saving Face, here's a skit from the British comedy show Goodness Gracious Me:
Oh my God, my son is a lesbian!! )
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Music: Aaromale, new A.R.Rahman song, from a movie I cannot remember (or spell) the name of, but the song is kind of amazing. It has a very...blues-y, western feel to the beginning with the music and the lone voice, and then a chorus starts up and it sounds kind of Indian and then it does some magical stuff with combining the two with a cool mix of instruments, and I love the result.
Download the song here. (Right-click, save)

Any Big Bang Theory/Jim Parsons fans around? He's in a music video for Stand up to Cancer and over the course of the video, he appears in various kooky/adorable getups (gamer, nerd, goth, girl with mid-riff baring top...) and is his usual cute and weird self. It's hilarious.
Watch Jim Parsons be delightful (video embedded under cut) )

And to round it off, here's a very important poll where you can tell me what Teyla should be doing in Victorian England and what the Star Trek crew should be doing in general:
Pollcut )


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