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• Still no fanart sorry :( Lots of ideas, no time at all. Spirit is willing, flesh, totally weak. I need a time-turner...

Rizzoli & Isles: Anyone watched the pilot? Opinions? It's somewhat inexplicable because I've only watched her in a handful of NCIS episodes and one sort of entertaining movie, but I seem to have a lot of fondness for Sasha Alexander, and the premise looked interesting.

• Really sweet behind the scenes picture of Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal during season 2 of SPN. Also, his face looks nice, but I'm in love with Jared's hair in this picture. Don't judge me.

• This is a poll that I'm actually curious about the answers to:
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• In conclusion, World War II as a badly written, cliched TV show (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)


Apr. 12th, 2010 03:49 pm
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Posting schedule finally drawn up for [ profile] trekreversebang. Everything's going smoothly till now, am crossing fingers for everything else going totally smoothly as well *crosses fingers*

WIPs (or should that be WsIP?):
• SGA getting their thrills on a San Fransisco downhill trolley ride!
• Vulcan kids weirding out Spock with their unwavering attention :D

Here's some music:
Teri Ore from the movie Singgh is King (movie not recommended).
The song is beautiful and the singer, Shreya Ghosal has a gorgeous voice.
Download the song here

Life is Crazy from the movie Wake Up Sid (movie recommended).
The song title's in English, but that's pretty much the only English line and forms part of the refrain. It's a fun song, foot-tapping catchy but not loud. And the singers are good.
Download the song here

As usual, songs are on my server, so right-click save. And if you can, let me know what you think :)

In conclusion, here's a blog dedicated to pictures of things following angry cats.
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I am drawing a Uhura-Gaila BFF picture. I guess it could be Uhura/Gaila, but that, like most of my pictures, is probably better left up to the viewer. Although maybe instead of screwing around with random ideas, I should be working on the picture for my own challenge, but oh well :/ How's everyone else doing with their [ profile] trekreversebang art?

This has been doing the rounds, but Jensen Ackles+Neil Patrick Harris=a level of geeky awesome that I could not but repost. Plus, Bruce Greenwood. The video for the making of Batman: Under the Red Hood (part 2) under the cut that has snippets of both Jensen and NPH doing their thing and getting some praise from the makers.
Red Hood! )

In random fandom flashback time, I suddenly remembered this fanvid someone had made with the premise that Illyria could be a spin-off show after Angel was over. I loved the music and the clip choices, and even though the picture quality is not very good and the featured characters maybe not totally complete, I still love it. I really liked Illyria and Wes.
Illyria )

Art Rec:
Highwayman by [ profile] dauntdraws [G] (The PG-13 rating on the post is possibly for the fic that was written for the art, because the art itself seems to be G)
Black and white Sam and Dean on horseback! Hats! Really cool backgrounds!
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This time a poll that does have one question I'm curious about, i.e. the possible breakdown of what fandom people are mainly following this lj for. It's totally fine if you're just here for my sparkling wit and scintillating conversational skills too :P
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Today's song: Iktara from the movie Wake up Sid.
Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are my favorite composing trio right after A.R. Rahman. This song is beautiful. Soft and slow, the main female voice is gorgeous and the refrain is amazing. I love the song, and if you're interested in hindi movies, I recommend the movie as well. The female lead, Konkona Sen Sharma is not only lovely but also an incredible actress.
Download the song here (right click save and let me know what you think :))

In a totally unrelated conclusion: Women in suits are HOT (NSFW warning for last picture in the first post)
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I made pumpkin bread and cornbread. They were both very very delicious. Somehow, the two times I've tried to put in a layer of cream cheese in the middle of cake/bread, I've managed to overshoot on the liquid part and so the cream cheese layer never stays as a layer, but becomes a meandering random line throughout the loaf. And that actually looks way prettier and like I meant to do it deliberately, I think I'll continue making the same mistake from now on.

And of course, after a week of making a mix of easy and complicated food from scratch, I burnt a pan trying to boil an egg and a potato :/ I almost went to bed, thankfully I was reading fic where someone was eating an egg and that reminded me about the stuff that I should have taken off the stove, oh, about an hour and 45 minutes ago. Yay for fic with food?

Two SPN art recs:

Nadir by [ profile] acerbus_instar (Gen, creepy imagery)
Odd but arresting picture. Very well chosen colors and the starkness of it all is very cool. I'm not entirely sure what it means but it's just visually very cool and lends itself to as many interpretations as you want to give it. Look out for the reflection.

Sketch of Sam by [ profile] blynnk (G)
Pencil sketch of Sam. I am generally not a huge fan of simply faithful reproductions of photographs without changing any of the context, but there's something very lively about the lighting/shading and the pencil marks in this picture. There's something a little off about the jaw line, but Sam's eyes and smirky-smile are so well done that the faults are completely overshadowed.

Every time I come across an episode of The Legend of the Seeker, I am struck by how completely unengaging it is despite having elements that could have really worked. The cinematography is lovely, the lighting is wonderful, the people are kind of generic but still sort of vaguely attractive, the woman holds her own fighting skills-wise, the camera ogles the guy and the girl equally, and there are attempts at wisecracks. But it's just so earnestly trying and then completely failing to realize how silly it is. There's slow motion everytime someone's fighting, the people leave no lasting impression on you, their personalities might as well be stamped "insert heroic/tragic/romantic cliche here" and oh my god, I cannot stand it when people act like yentas in fic and I really can't stand it when they do it in tv shows and take themselves seriously while doing so.

I might be watching bits of Brothers and Sisters just to see if Rob Lowe is on.

Chuck is still my favoritest thing ever. And I'm still not fannish about it.

I'm hanging onto the Mentalist for now, but I still haven't really figured out if I really like it or not. Simon Baker and Amanda Righetti, however, are very pretty.


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