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Hey, it's Friday and LJ's not horfing! To mark this happy occasion, please send some art prompts my way. I'm currently in the middle of two SPN pics already, so might get to SPN prompts much later, but my preferred fandoms are Glee (gen (ND friendship), Kurt/Blaine & Santana/Brittany), SGA (gen), SPN (gen) and Star Trek (gen or Kirk/Uhura/Spock)

Things of note:
All prompts are valued and welcomed, but, as those who have prompted me before have come to realize, I am slow and flighty so will probably not get to all of them. Nothing drawn will ever go above PG. Maybe a very tame PG-13 at the most.

And speaking of SPN, here's a new poll with a couple of SPN questions I have (not spoilery, pertains to a crazy AU) and the requisite nonsensical ticky option:
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It's about that time of year again. I'm not sure what people's thoughts are about a new round of the Trek Reversebang challenge, so before [ profile] zippitgood and I launch into a huge production, here's a poll to gauge interest (the timeline will be similar):

Important 2011 Trek Reversebang poll under cut )

Important links:
[ profile] trekreversebang | FAQs for last year | Masterlist 2010

ETA: Please link this around if you can. Thanks!

Poll, WIP

Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:21 pm
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It's Friday! And so, Polltime!
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And here's a WIP shot of the third thing I'm working on, Noir-ish detectives Sam and Dean. Sam hasn't shown up yet, but he'll be there. And I suppose as it stands it could just be Dean in a black raincoat and a hat, but, let's go with Noir.
Trying to look mysterious )
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So, I hear there's some season premiere on tonight? What's the name of the show again? ;D

TGIF post, with one song:
Suno Aisha - A very catchy song from the movie Aisha. I love the tune and I love the voices.
Download here (right click, save)

And one poll:
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Look, new icon! Isn't it amazing? (I don't know who made it. If anyone does, please let me know and I'll edit in the info) In my more frustrating and uncreative moments, that's photoshop talking to me :( In my meaner moments, that's photoshop talking about any artwork I come across that I can't stand.

I have artist's block. Kind of. The pieces I posted were technically not really new, just sort of finished more recently. Maybe I'll do a drawble request thing later, except for how I take ages to finish things and can't seem to do fast little sketches...

And we segue from emo abruptly into...poll time!
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Second SPN Bigbang art has been posted. I meant to do this earlier, but just wanted to let people know who saw it as soon as it was posted that the story it was written for has now been linked from the art post.

Had massive amounts of fun in Germany and Paris. Finally ate escargot and currywurst. Sadly, missed out on trying black pudding, but was assured that I maybe didn't miss much? Was gifted a beret (not raspberry colored). Bought a big bag of madeleines. Wore dresses and skirts most of the time, therefore being more femininely dressed in one trip than I have cumulatively been in the last two years. Met/stayed with three really, really good friends from high school time and am now missing them almost as much as I'm missing all the delicious food (what? food is important). However, am not that sad to be back either *hugs laptop*

It's been ages since I posted a poll, so, without further ado:
A silly poll )
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• Still no fanart sorry :( Lots of ideas, no time at all. Spirit is willing, flesh, totally weak. I need a time-turner...

Rizzoli & Isles: Anyone watched the pilot? Opinions? It's somewhat inexplicable because I've only watched her in a handful of NCIS episodes and one sort of entertaining movie, but I seem to have a lot of fondness for Sasha Alexander, and the premise looked interesting.

• Really sweet behind the scenes picture of Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal during season 2 of SPN. Also, his face looks nice, but I'm in love with Jared's hair in this picture. Don't judge me.

• This is a poll that I'm actually curious about the answers to:
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• In conclusion, World War II as a badly written, cliched TV show (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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• New housemate tried to recommend me a Korean drama. I think I kind of scared her with information overload when I started listing off all the ones I'd already watched and that I knew exactly where to find raws, subs, what have you. Maybe it's time for me to seriously start learning Korean...
• I have a looooot of work to do. The drawing kind, but still, actual paying work. And therefore, serious *girds loins*
• I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in Glee fandom, I am not in...dammit. *shakes fist at Kurt and Mercedes and Mike and...*
• Long weekend, you cannot come fast enough. Maybe more fanart will come soon too.
• Random silly (and possibly unfair) poll:
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In a totally unrelated conclusion:

The 2010 round of [ profile] trekreversebang is now over! You can see/read all of the lovely art/fic over at the comm through the masterlist or the Submissions tag
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• H/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine: Casting spoilers for Criminal Minds S6. After an incredibly underwhelming S5 finale, this news is not making me feel better about CM. Maybe if they weren't spending time and money on the craptastic spinoff, things could be better managed with the actual important show >:(

• Freelance art thing that I was excited about is a go and \o/!!!

• It's been a while since I posted a poll, so here are a couple of fandom related questions and the requisite cracktastic ticky option: Pollcut )

[ profile] dauntdraws' Bigbang art is a huge multi-picture thing of beauty. I love her clean lines and sense of motion. Not quite safe for work, so view accordingly.

• I just licked my lips and managed to swallow some sunscreen lotion. This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to end on a bizarre note.
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Have a potentially awesome freelance illustration opportunity. Potentially, because the details are not yet nailed down and...ok, you know that moment between knowing your grades are up for the semester and the time it takes for the browser to load your transcript, when you have no idea about how you did on the final for that damn comp sci class you floundered through all those months and don't know whether you're looking at a failing grade in your very first semester or whether you actually managed to get through it? it's not a perfect metaphor, but the nerves are sort of like that. *bites nails*
(Don't judge me. That comp sci class was freaking hard. I have not felt that stupid for such an extended period of time since the first few months of beginning calculus :( And no, I didn't fail. But only barely.)

Because it's been a while, here's a poll:
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In conclusion, happy National Jelly Bean Day everybody!
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Random SGA art wip:
the city with backdrop )

Art rec (SPN related):
A drawing of Jensen singing and playing a guitar by [ profile] green_ghost. Very pretty shading :)

And to finish off this post, here's a poll. I'm sure you've all missed them terribly, so fret no more!
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This time a poll that does have one question I'm curious about, i.e. the possible breakdown of what fandom people are mainly following this lj for. It's totally fine if you're just here for my sparkling wit and scintillating conversational skills too :P
Pollcut! )

Today's song: Iktara from the movie Wake up Sid.
Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are my favorite composing trio right after A.R. Rahman. This song is beautiful. Soft and slow, the main female voice is gorgeous and the refrain is amazing. I love the song, and if you're interested in hindi movies, I recommend the movie as well. The female lead, Konkona Sen Sharma is not only lovely but also an incredible actress.
Download the song here (right click save and let me know what you think :))

In a totally unrelated conclusion: Women in suits are HOT (NSFW warning for last picture in the first post)
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H/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine: Spoilery casting news for White Collar that makes me, and I suspect, most of fandom, very happy. The url itself is spoilery so spoilerphobes beware hovering over the link.

There really is no business like Cho business! Which is to say, The Mentalist, I ♥ you. Ok, you too SPN. Keep it up :)

It's Friday, so it must be polltime! )

Random meme (paraphrased, that I don't remember who to attribute to):
If you had me at your mercy and could make me draw anything, what would you make me draw? Not that it's guaranteed that I will, since, you know, not at your mercy and all that, but still. I'm curious.
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Music: Aaromale, new A.R.Rahman song, from a movie I cannot remember (or spell) the name of, but the song is kind of amazing. It has a very...blues-y, western feel to the beginning with the music and the lone voice, and then a chorus starts up and it sounds kind of Indian and then it does some magical stuff with combining the two with a cool mix of instruments, and I love the result.
Download the song here. (Right-click, save)

Any Big Bang Theory/Jim Parsons fans around? He's in a music video for Stand up to Cancer and over the course of the video, he appears in various kooky/adorable getups (gamer, nerd, goth, girl with mid-riff baring top...) and is his usual cute and weird self. It's hilarious.
Watch Jim Parsons be delightful (video embedded under cut) )

And to round it off, here's a very important poll where you can tell me what Teyla should be doing in Victorian England and what the Star Trek crew should be doing in general:
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I was drawing an apocalypse-y SPN picture, all grim and despairing with dark grays and licks of fiery red and silhouettes, and then I got distracted and started drawing Neal (from White Collar) falling asleep on Elizabeth's shoulder while she read a book and Peter did something quietly domestic beside them both. I will obviously finish both, but seriously, massive fannish ADD: I haz it.

This week in TV:
SPN: I still love you a lot, so please stop bumming me out :(

White Collar: Ok, fess up, which one of you fangirls is in charge of this show? It's like watching delightful televised fic and hits so many of my fannish buttons. Carry on!

Chuck: ♥♥♥ I approve!

The Mentalist and Criminal Minds: Come back with new episodes SOON!

How I Met Your Mother: I do not approve of how you butchered Barney/Robin, but I forgive you anyway. Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, please keep being hot and funny.

In conclusion...I watch too much television.

This is apparently my 400th post. How are you all not bored of me yet? To celebrate, here's a poll:
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Things that Neil Patrick Harris has made me watch (yes, he made me): Two made for tv movies, two episodes of shows I had never seen before, a whole bunch of shaky very unofficial videos of his performance on Cabaret (woah Doogie!) and other Broadway performances (very talented), repeat viewings of Barney Stinson's video resume (XD) and Clara's Heart. Whoopi Goldberg with tiny little Neil speaking in Jamaican Patois? Awww. Yes, I'm pathetically obsessed. No, I'm not ashamed. Much. Also, courtesy of [ profile] miss_porcupine who is really nice about feeding my obsession, how cute are they?.

Thanks to [ profile] renisanz'(♥) coupon, I got a paid account for a year for less than 10 bucks. So yay! Polls! Expanding comments! My style! Friendsfriends! More icons! *hugs paid account features* To celebrate, here's a Very Important Poll:
VIPoll )

P.S: [ profile] trekreversebang!
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Sort of GIP, wee baby in a lobster suit in a pot! Picture here and it's awesome :D

SPN made me very happy, especially the things Dean said to Sam near the end ♥. And Mentalist was great. Simon Baker, please keep being beautiful on my tv screen. I signed up for [ profile] yuletart and put that down as one of my fandoms. *crosses fingers for lots of fun art to come out of the challenge*

In not so great news, Southland got axed by NBC, after getting picked up and filming season 2 episodes. The bastards. I hope they manage to sell the episodes to another network.

This world needs more Jess/Jules fic from Bend it Like Beckham. Somebody get on it please?

It's Friday, so it must be POLL TIME!
You know you want to )
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[Poll #1462536]
I enjoyed Supernatural last night, way more than I had anticipated given spoilers etc. Next week looks kind of fantastic too. Re: that scene where Dean says some stuff, my non-spoilery reaction is that I am 100% certain that Dean is talking through his hat, my spoilery reaction is looong and under the cut )
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Is anyone online and able to take a quick look at an SGA picture? I just want a second pair of eyes to look it over since I'm a little iffy about some of the linework and want to get it finished this evening. Thanks!

ETA: Got it!

And relatedly, what are your AIM usernames? I realized after making the poll that people might be on gchat as well, so if that's the case, maybe put down your username and add a "@gmail" to it. Mine's just my lj username in both places.
[Poll #1455317]

Speaking of SGA, have you guys seen [ profile] steammmpunk's latest? It's completely happy-making. Her artwork is always so sweet and this one is no exception: Let's Just Walk for a While (G)
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I thought it would be fun to have something like a reverse bigbang for Star Trek i.e. artists draw and authors write with the art as a guide. The basic setup I have in mind is:

Comm asks for prompts (mix of gen and pairings) and once prompt time is over, artists get to choose what they want to do. Once all artists hand in drafts (to make sure the artwork is going to be completed), the prompts that were chosen by them get posted again, anonymously, for authors to choose from. Once all the prompts have been chosen (with possible repeats since there are usually more authors than artists in fandom), authors get to know which artist they'll be working with and write a minimum of x words expanding on the prompt and artwork with collaboration between artist and author.

It would, I guess, be sort of like the bigbangs in terms of artist/author collaboration except that artists get first pick and the stories have to match the artwork than vice versa. Also, the minimum word limit will be less. I'm trying to see how much interest there is for this (as artist, author or viewer), so it would be great if you could fill out the poll below:
Reverse bigbang poll )

If you have other suggestions/concerns/questions, please comment on this post. Also, anyone seeing this, please repost this link if you can, I would love to have responses from as many people as possible.


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