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SALT!!! No, I'm not waxing rhapsodic about Sodium Chloride, I'm talking about the kind that has Angelina Jolie running around kicking ass and jumping off bridges and doing other assorted things she does so very deliciously well. I have been waiting for it for SO LONG.

• Art rec: [ profile] gallo_de_pelea does some lovely artwork. She has a webcomic and other assorted arty stuff linked from her lj. The latest artwork linked from this post is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful water! The lighting! Actually tasteful hand drawn lens flare! :D

• I...might be thinking of signing up for [ profile] spn_reversebang.
Positives: A reversebang challenge that I'm only drawing for, not running and a due date far far away.
Negatives: Still have the [ profile] spn_tarot picture, second spn bigbang picture, a possible Glee picture, a half-finished Star Trek picture and the sort of finished background for an SGA picture all backed up in the to-do folder.
Bad idea? Good idea? AGHHHH!

• Just a personal peeve of mine, but it would be awesome if people would stop doing the self-deprecatory "/First-world problems" disclaimer when talking about things that are maybe not earth-shakingly bad but affect their day/mood somehow. I don't find the term offensive, but I do think it's totally and utterly unneccesary. If you can't freely whine about irritating but possibly inconsequential things on livejournal, where else can you do it? So, gentle readers, go forth and shamelessly rant about your spotty internet connection destroying your life by not letting you watch the latest episode of [show of choice] right now and revel in the freedom!
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My genderswap Star Trek picture is going slooowly, but here, have a little peak:
This is Ms Kirk )

And just because I can, here is a little bit of ranting about yogurts ads and two and a half men (...not related) in graphic form (complete with bad handwriting):
Bah humbug )

Also, I have pizza, but no soda. My life is so hard :(
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SPN \o/ Almost didn't watch it live because SPOILERS )

Two songs for sharing today, both by A.R.Rahman. On my server so right click and save please, let me know if you like them :)

Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai (Download here) from the movie Blue. This is a great song, kind of a mix of different styles, ridiculously catchy and the female singer (Shreya Ghoshal) is amazing.

Azeem-o-Shan-Shahenshah (Download here) from the movie Jodhaa Akbar. It's a song celebrating the emperor Akbar's accomplishments. It's kind of grand and I love the different instruments and voices all to the beat of those huge drums.

(The track names are generic, but the real names of the songs are in the id3 tags under album artist. Had to change it because of bots picking up my songs and putting them up on mp3 sites)

A little rant about the portrayal of women in some fanfic:
cut for length )

Random link:
For the Merlin folks: Katie and Angel being totally adorable.

Need to finish:
The Minoan woman commission for the incredibly patient [ profile] rubynye This weekend, I promise! Also, am up to the eyebrows in fanart ideas. Which is of course why I haven't even started one :/
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SPN art: Evil!Sam by [ profile] luluxa
Very cool picture of evil!Sam, delightfully laidback and looking even more menacing for that. The reflections of light are done really nicely as well.

SGA playlist: I'm enjoying Megadeth. Who'da thought? Also, I'm listening to Mission and Save Yourself on repeat from this Fighting Zombies playlist posted by [ profile] miss_porcupine (as part of the SGA drabble she'd done based on the zombie killing meme). Makes walking very hard when my feet keep trying to follow the beats of the songs.

Every time I feel like I haven't posted for a long time, I realize that I've posted less than a week ago. Checking lj multiple times a day really screws up time perception of posting. SGA Flashart project being worked on, something will be up soon :)

Lots of political stuff going on, so in lieu of any deep political insight I only have this to say, both Obama and Palin's kids are unbelievably cute. Oh wait, I also have this to say, could people be slightly less sickening please? There are actual issues that can be talked about. Dragging candidates' families into the muck is very very low, and is also nobody's business but theirs. Not that I believe it would have been any different had it been a "scandal" from the other side, some of the parties feeling righteously wronged would have been saying/doing exactly the same things they are decrying now. People can be classy that way sometimes. This however, is good to see. Unfortunate that it even needs to be said, but still.
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The SGA Bigbang site went live last week. I did artwork for [ profile] leahwoof's (Leah & [ profile] springwoof) lovely story Enthrall.

You can see the full image here and if you want, leave feedback for me at the comm here

Things positive:

Lovely pictures of events in the Mahabharat and Ramayan. Some of them are gorgeous.
Cuteness :)
• Kimberly Walker, first female master gunnery sergeant in her field. And she has six kids!
Cat adopts rabbit, awwwwww!

Things negative:
• Holy entitlement complex Batman! O_o Why must you be in SPN fandom :(
Um, no. You don't get to let your personal beliefs come in the way of women's health. If it's that big a deal, find another job.
• The strange hypocrisy about America's generosity where much of the world keeps talking smack about how much aid USA gives, when the US government is usually the highest donor in international emergency operations, and private donations from American citizens is often much higher than that. And it comes even from people who are the direct beneficiaries of these donations. I was in India when the tsunami hit and amazingly enough, the politicians riding around in gleaming Mercedes' who seemed to have their own pockets sewn shut, seemed to have much to complain about where the US was concerned.

ETA: Dumbfounding article on why Atlantis is so much better this season: there's more Mckay and less of all of those annoying Teyla moments. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically, exactly which of the overabundant Teyla moments are being referred to here? And poor Rodney, so shortchanged in the way the show barely features him, his story, his emotions, his family, his life, how he barely gets a line in any given episode, how he rarely gets to do anything important in the storyline and... I like Rodney, but it's kind of laughable that anyone would think that we were getting too little Rodney and too much Teyla.


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