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Artist signups end at 12 midnight EST tonight, so if you were thinking about it, go sign up now! Also, I almost failed to sign up for my own challenge. I was looking at the artist list last night and suddenly realized why my own name wasn't there *facepalm*

Ishq Hua - A really sweet and melodious song from the movie Aaja Nachle. The female singer (Shreya Ghoshal) is one of my favorites and I love the tune.
Download here (right click, save)

And stuff:
WsIP...Glee and SGA. And a teeny tiny SPN idea. And now I have to think about my Star Trek Reversebang piece. Any suggestions?

In conclusion:
A hilarious look at what they would look like if the best picture nominee posters told the truth. (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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So, I hear there's some season premiere on tonight? What's the name of the show again? ;D

TGIF post, with one song:
Suno Aisha - A very catchy song from the movie Aisha. I love the tune and I love the voices.
Download here (right click, save)

And one poll:
pollcut )
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Two songs this time:
Madno - Gorgeous love song - lovely melody, voices, lyrics, everything. I think that even if you don't understand the words, they'll still sound beautiful.
Movie: Lamhaa; Singers: Kshitij Tarey & Chinmayi
Download here

Kata Kata - A fun, rambunctious song about the night before the wedding and the last day of being single.
Movie: Raavan; Singers: Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi & Kunal Ganjawalla
Download here

As always, songs are on my server, so please right click and save. And let me know if you liked them :)

Random Indian TV nostalgia:
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is a song and video about unity in diversity and was broadcast on the then sole Indian broadcast network, Doordarshan, from 1988. Various people, including writers/singers/actors/sportsmen etc. feature in the video and the same line is repeated in 14 different languages. It sends shivers up my spine (in a good way) every time I hear it.
Video embedded under cut )
There's a very good writeup on the Wikipedia page for it.

Things on my fannish roster:
[ profile] spn_tarot picture almost done.
• New SGA picture very tentatively started
• Uber cracky idea for Star Trek picture conceived of.

Um, sort of related, if there was a picture of the Trek crew in, say, the land of internet memes, which memes would spring to mind immediately? I'm just, you know, curious...
ETA: internet memes as in Old Spice man, lolcats, i can haz cheezburger etc.
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So A.R.Rahman just came out with a new soundtrack for the movie Raavan. The whole soundtrack is amazing, here's one of my favorites from there:

Thok De Killi Striking rhythm, powerful beats and a very catchy tune. Since I can't do the lyrics justice in translation, the theme can be approximated to "viva la revolución".
Download the song here
As usual, songs are on my server, so right-click save. And if you can, let me know what you think :)

A lot of hilarity courtesy of the US military:
The US Army presents: Telephone, the remake
Amazingly hilarious video behind cut )

And just so the other services don't feel left out, some older videos of:
• The Marines doing the Cha Cha Slide Video under cut )
• The Navy with "I'm on a Boat" Video under cut )
• And the Air Force Academy with "Tik Tok" Video under cut )

I'm dying of laughter. XD

Also, Supernatural and Mentalist last night were very entertaining. That mini music video midway through SPN=shiver inducing ♥


Apr. 12th, 2010 03:49 pm
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Posting schedule finally drawn up for [ profile] trekreversebang. Everything's going smoothly till now, am crossing fingers for everything else going totally smoothly as well *crosses fingers*

WIPs (or should that be WsIP?):
• SGA getting their thrills on a San Fransisco downhill trolley ride!
• Vulcan kids weirding out Spock with their unwavering attention :D

Here's some music:
Teri Ore from the movie Singgh is King (movie not recommended).
The song is beautiful and the singer, Shreya Ghosal has a gorgeous voice.
Download the song here

Life is Crazy from the movie Wake Up Sid (movie recommended).
The song title's in English, but that's pretty much the only English line and forms part of the refrain. It's a fun song, foot-tapping catchy but not loud. And the singers are good.
Download the song here

As usual, songs are on my server, so right-click save. And if you can, let me know what you think :)

In conclusion, here's a blog dedicated to pictures of things following angry cats.
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This time a poll that does have one question I'm curious about, i.e. the possible breakdown of what fandom people are mainly following this lj for. It's totally fine if you're just here for my sparkling wit and scintillating conversational skills too :P
Pollcut! )

Today's song: Iktara from the movie Wake up Sid.
Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are my favorite composing trio right after A.R. Rahman. This song is beautiful. Soft and slow, the main female voice is gorgeous and the refrain is amazing. I love the song, and if you're interested in hindi movies, I recommend the movie as well. The female lead, Konkona Sen Sharma is not only lovely but also an incredible actress.
Download the song here (right click save and let me know what you think :))

In a totally unrelated conclusion: Women in suits are HOT (NSFW warning for last picture in the first post)
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Music: Aaromale, new A.R.Rahman song, from a movie I cannot remember (or spell) the name of, but the song is kind of amazing. It has a very...blues-y, western feel to the beginning with the music and the lone voice, and then a chorus starts up and it sounds kind of Indian and then it does some magical stuff with combining the two with a cool mix of instruments, and I love the result.
Download the song here. (Right-click, save)

Any Big Bang Theory/Jim Parsons fans around? He's in a music video for Stand up to Cancer and over the course of the video, he appears in various kooky/adorable getups (gamer, nerd, goth, girl with mid-riff baring top...) and is his usual cute and weird self. It's hilarious.
Watch Jim Parsons be delightful (video embedded under cut) )

And to round it off, here's a very important poll where you can tell me what Teyla should be doing in Victorian England and what the Star Trek crew should be doing in general:
Pollcut )
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Item 1:
[ profile] trekreversebang can haz shiny new banner! What do you think?

Item 2:
In my extremely enthusiastic ongoing quest to uncover for [ profile] nargynargy the wonder that is A. R. Rahman, here are two more of his songs. Usual drill, right click and save, songs on my server :) And let me know what you think!

Dheemi Dheemi from the movie 1947 Earth. I posted a few more from this movie here before but hadn't shared this one yet. It's a delightful melody, the singer is one of my favorites and the whole song is just so light and sweet it makes me think of spring.
Download the song here

Rehna Tu from the movie Dilli 6. This song has a really laid-back feel to it, very smooth and uncomplicated. Also, I really like it whenever Rahman sings his own songs.
Download the song here

Item 3:
Any How I met Your Mother fans here? Or Neil Patrick Harris fans? Here's a behind-the-scenes video of the 100th episode coming up on Monday, where he (and the rest of the cast) finish off the episode with a grand singing and dancing finale.
Video embedded under cut )
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The [ profile] yuletart reveals were today. I did Temeraire art for [ profile] _bounce_, who asked for Laurence and Temeraire having a moment of quiet. First time I ever did Temeraire art and I'm kind of happy with they way it turned out :)

Link to the full image on yuletart

Here's some music to go with this not-quite-an-art-post. It's from the movie Dil Se, (awesome, amazing)music by A.R.Rahman. The song, Chhaiya Chhaiya has a wonderful dance-y rhythm, interesting instruments with fun little interludes in the middle, a lovely male voice and an awesome video to go with it. The song's on my server, so please right click and save :)
Chhaiya Chhaiya:
Download song here.
See the dancing-on-top-of-a-train video on youtube here.
And let me know if you like it!
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Two songs for sharing today. On my server so right click and save please :)

Manmohini from the movie Yuvraaj. It's a gorgeous song, a mix of classical Indian with a hint of contemporary that A.R. Rahman does so amazingly well. The singer's voice work is really wonderful. Recommended really highly.

Baawre (remix) from the movie Luck by Chance. After Rahman, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are probably my favorite composers (the three always compose together). I love this track, it's a little zany, really catchy and lots of fun. The video of the original (unremixed) version is up here if anyone's interested. Things to note: a) The hindi film industry can be quite indiscriminating about what kind of outfits they put their male leads into, b) the setting actually does make sense (a little) in this context, the song is kind of about the circus c) Hrithik Roshan is very attractive.

Two recs:

Star trek: Cityverse Comic Book Page by [ profile] turntap2 and [ profile] mangotrills
Really cool linework and coloring. I haven't really followed the storyline that much, but the artwork definitely works for me.

Supernatural: Stitch in time by [ profile] nargynargy
Really impressive mixed media artwork. No blood or gore, but disturbing, so please note warning. The atmosphere is amazing.

Am working on prompts. Also, I am either just tired or have the lowest tolerance ever because I feel like I might be kind of buzzed, even though I only had one small frozen margarita. Whooo.
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I finally made myself a ST!Reboot icon:

Also an Uhura icon from the last piece I posted:

Up for grabs if anyone wants them. Just comment and credit :)

Here's some music, another A.R.Rahman song:
Konjam Nilavu from the movie Thiruda Thiruda. The beat is awesome, the tune is interesting and the singer has a pretty hot voice.
Right click and save as always.
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One song today, composed by A.R. Rahman. The song starts off slow and soft and gets complicated in a very playful way. The singer's voice is really sweet too:

Anbae from the Tamil movie Rhythm
(As always, song's on my server, so right click and save and let me know if you enjoyed it :))

Working on the Star trek art meme and oh man, it's like working on 10 different and complete art pieces on the same canvas! It is SLOW. GOING. It will be done in, oh, maybe a month or two :/ Here's a little peek at a part of the favorite pairing answer:


Music etc.

May. 1st, 2009 02:47 pm
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Been a while since I posted any music, so here's one of my favorite A.R.Rahman songs. it's just really happy sounding and the music and the voice all play together in a lovely way:

Pachai nirame from the movie Alaipayuthey. It's in tamil, and I don't know what it means except for a few random words here and there, but it's beautiful (especially the beginning/refrain) and I love it.
Usual drill, right click and save, let me know if you like it :)

From a site [ profile] miss_porcupine linked me to: Excerpts from my 2008 tax return, form 1040EZ. Hilarious in a "damn you tax time!" way.

I am off to see teeny tiny baby nephew, my weekend starts now :D *waves*
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The more I work on this damn SGA comic, the more unfunny and lacking a climax it starts to seem to me :/ It's just about two and a half pages, it shouldn't take this long to do. It feels like so long since I last posted any SGA art and this thing won't get done. Hopefully tonight.

Two songs by A.R.Rahman for sharing this time. You know the drill, right click save as, and let me know if you liked it :)

Link - Ada - This is a lovely song, soft and soothing. Rahman's voice can be really beautiful sometimes and the language is gorgeous. It doesn't have a lot of variation, but it doesn't get boring, it just stays even.

Link - Guzarish - Song from the movie Ghajini. I love the beginning and the refrain and it's a slowish but still kind of catchy song.

Art soon!


Nov. 7th, 2008 03:01 pm
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Music time! Four songs from the movie Yuvvraaj, music by A.R.Rahman. As always, please let me know if you're downloading the songs (right click and save from my server), and if you like them :) More music can be found by clicking my 'music' tag.

Tu Meri Dost Hain (Tu meri dost hain=You are my friend) I love the beginning and the way the music leads into the voices. I can never resist songs that have such lovely variations in scale.

Shano Shano Obligatory peppy dance number, very catchy. It makes me want to dance and even though I cannot generally stand random insertions of english in hindi songs, it's not too much for me to enjoy.

Mastam Mastam Masti means fun, and mast means great so I'm assuming the title means both since it really is great fun :). Kind of a sweet and happy making song.

Dil Ka Rishta Grand beginning, Rahman uses orchestras quite often and usually very well. I love the sound of it and the chorus working together. Random english pops up again, but even less than the Shano song and the beauty of the rest more than covers up for it.
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Song time! Three songs from two Tamil movies, Indira and Thiruda Thiruda, music by (who else?) A.R.Rahman. As always, please let me know if you're downloading the songs (right click and save), and if you like them :) More music can be found by clicking my 'music' tag.

Download Nila Kaigirathu (Nila Kaigirathu: The moon is shining) This is a beautiful song, for the melody as well as the singer. The original version of it in the movie is of a little girl singing this to console her father, and many years later, it's sung by her lover trying to console her.

Download Veerapaandi Kottayile (Veerapandi: Brave) Kind of a grand song, I love the slowly building up beginning with the lovely female voice and the mix of styles it somehow makes work throughout the song. It also makes me want to dance.

Download Thee Thee: An almost capricious song, it has a steady rhythm, but it almost feels like it doesn't sometimes. Again, a mix of interesting instruments and voices. Uses the kind of words as intermittent chorus that are usually used in classical music to keep time, and it works really well.

I was contracted a while back to illustrate a children's book. I got paid (not a lot) but the book itself is never going to get published :( So, here are two pages I randomly wanted to share.

larger )
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So I was ripping out Sam's evil laugh from Born Under a Bad Sign to use as an event sound (my IM program starts up with that sound :D), and figured there might be some of you who might possibly be interested too. On my server, so please right click and save, and if possible, let me know you're taking it :)

Laugh only: .wav | .mp3

Laugh with line after: .wav | .mp3

It's Friday afternoon, and so, poll-time! Lots of seriousness, some semi-seriousness and one requisite check box of nonsense:
Poll about feedback preferences etc. )
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Two songs, the first one composed by A.R.Rahman and the second one by Pritam Chakraborty. Please right click and save, and comment if you are :) I'd like to know whether you enjoy them:

Mayya Mayya Fast paced, very interesting mix of Middle-eastern style music with Indian and Western influences. The singer, Maryam Toller, is Egyptian Canadian and sounds quite wonderful, as do the backing vocals. This song always makes me want to dance.

In Dino (In Dino= these days) Kind of a sweet song with a lovely refrain, and rather charming lyrics. I don't know if it's made more charming by its context in the movie, but the first bit translates to something like: These days, my heart keeps telling me- Dream a few dreams and live a little/ You're allowed to fall in love too.

(If you enjoy these songs, more can be found by clicking on my 'music' tag.)

Am working on SGA bigbang and an SGA comic. It's slow going because my linework in general is not automatically suited to cleaner comic lines and so takes longer to accomplish. It features Cthulhu, which decision was totally unrelated to any tentacles anywhere in canon. I can't believe I actually had to give that disclaimer.
Also working on Wild West Winchesters. Mainly for the alliteration.

I illustrated a children's book a while back, and given how iffy the publishers were being I'd kind of assumed it was ultimately going nowhere. Just got verification that it is indeed going nowhere. At least I got paid for it, even if I'm certain I charged too little. I mainly feel sorry for the poor author now. *sigh*

ETA: On my brief weekend wandering around a big city and meeting fannish people, I would like to give a shout out to [ profile] miss_porcupine who I managed to guilt into bringing me delicious home-made biscotti, [ profile] rageprufrock, who leads a very interesting life, and [ profile] pentapus who is unable to follow simple directions like checking her email and manages to blame me for it (♥ ♥ :P)

ETA2: Also, [ profile] dotfic is too sweet to be real. As is [ profile] innie_darling, who was completely nice about my major miserliness ♥.
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Reason #5347 to hate summer: the airconditioning at work is down. ARGHHHHHHHH. The geniuses that designed this wing decided that we are all kids and so could not be trusted to keep windows closed, or work the thermostats ourselves, so basically, no windows can be opened and there's only vague relief from some where near the 2nd floor of the building, which still has cool air. I'm glad I've had practice for this before at home, I guess :/

I uploaded Fanaa a few days back. here are two more songs from the same movie, and one more by Rahman, but from a different movie. As always, right click save and please comment if you're taking:

Hey Goodbye Nanba Presumably someone saying goodbye to someone else? :P I have a feeling it's something to do with strangers meeting and saying goodbye, but no real clue. Has wonderful beats and some lovely variations in the middle. My second favorite song from the movie, after Fanaa.

Jana Gana This is not the Indian national anthem although the first three words are the same. "Jana gana mana" in both cases, however, means the mind/consciousness of the people. This is more like a youth anthem kind of song, same movie as above.

Pedave Palikina A rather sweet song about mothers.
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Oh wow, could we, you know, get back to that place where we are not entitled to know about anything celebrities do in their personal lives, and just behave like decent people? Some amount of curiosity I get, but this is paparazzi level mud smearing and speculation. We don't know anything and we are not entitled to. Of course, this is wasted on people who are reading it, given that I would not ever assume any of you to be doing any of the spreading or smearing, so probably the best place to rant about it since there are no crazies to worry about :/

Here's some music to try to take the bad taste out of your mouths. Both composed by A.R.Rahman. Hosted on my server, so please, right click and save and let me know if you're taking/enjoyed it :)

Fanaa (Fanaa means, approximately, to be destroyed) Fast paced, upbeat song about letting yourself be destroyed in love and loving every moment of it. From the movie Yuva.

Kaiyil Mithakkum Not sure what this song is about, it's in tamil, but I love the tune and the lyrics sound very pretty. Soft, slow song, and the singer has a lovely mellow voice.

More music can be found by clicking on the music tag if these strike your fancy. Feel free tot ake what you want, just drop me a line since I like knowing if you're enjoying the songs I put up.


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