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Am bored. Also, falling asleep. Slightly. If you're online or will be at some point and are dying to chat with me, please leave your AIM username here. The usual suspects are all absent, damn them. You could, of course, IM me (my id's ileliberte) but where's the fun in that? Also, I'll know who's who, so consider this a record for posterity's sake.

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OMG come talk to me plz :(
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A few SPN recs:
Accidental Documentaries by [ profile] tassosss
This was a complete and utter delight to come across. Long, plotty gen fic with interesting, three dimensional original characters, an excellent OC point-of-view, pre-series high-school age Dean and Sam (little more Dean than Sam, but justice done to both), an intriguing structure with kind of a movie feel to it and things happening that are sometimes upsetting and sometimes funny and very realistic all through. A mystery and its solving, but the main draw to me remained the character interactions. I feel like I want more stories about the main OFC in it. There is some disturbing stuff about the case itself (not too explicitly told though), so make sure to read the notes.

Their Type by [ profile] miss_aprosexia
A short piece, with a OC point of view and a twist at the end I wasn't expecting. Very heart-warming.
While you're there, check out her Henricksen story Go Down Swinging Spoilers for 3x12.

This road is wrapped around me, and I wear it like a chain by [ profile] lyra_wing.
Spoilers till 3x12. Mind-blowing. I can't spoil any of it, just go with the summary she wrote for it: There will never be salvation for you

And while I'm here and missing my poor baby who's being all fixed up at the mac store (I am full of ANGST dammit!), leave me a testimonial here please, at [ profile] keepaofthecheez's Testimonial meme. The more cracky, the better :D And let me know if you have a thread yourself!

More art when my baby gets back (baby gets back hahahaha...never mind)
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1. I am so incompetent at drawing manga. Seriously, it's not even funny how labored this is.
2. But I will persevere, dammit.
3. It is that time of year when I go crazy trying to find ways to watch cricket. For the uninitiated and ignorant, the World Cup starts so so soon and I don't have any ways to watch it. It is a tragedy.
4. It is also a tragedy that when I have a PC the cool stuff is on Macs and when I have a Mac, the one I need specifically to drive away my cricket blues, is a PC.

5. Um, does anyone have Virtual PC?

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Anybody out there? Help me stay awake with...well, anything work safe? Anyone? I promise to repay you by being very very grateful :| Soooo sleeeepyyyy.......


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