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Artist signups end at 12 midnight EST tonight, so if you were thinking about it, go sign up now! Also, I almost failed to sign up for my own challenge. I was looking at the artist list last night and suddenly realized why my own name wasn't there *facepalm*

Ishq Hua - A really sweet and melodious song from the movie Aaja Nachle. The female singer (Shreya Ghoshal) is one of my favorites and I love the tune.
Download here (right click, save)

And stuff:
WsIP...Glee and SGA. And a teeny tiny SPN idea. And now I have to think about my Star Trek Reversebang piece. Any suggestions?

In conclusion:
A hilarious look at what they would look like if the best picture nominee posters told the truth. (h/t to [ profile] miss_porcupine for the link)
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It's about that time of year again. I'm not sure what people's thoughts are about a new round of the Trek Reversebang challenge, so before [ profile] zippitgood and I launch into a huge production, here's a poll to gauge interest (the timeline will be similar):

Important 2011 Trek Reversebang poll under cut )

Important links:
[ profile] trekreversebang | FAQs for last year | Masterlist 2010

ETA: Please link this around if you can. Thanks!
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Art created for [ profile] trekreversebang.
Story by the wonderful [ profile] miss_porcupine, based on art drawn by me. Read the story here:
Standard Operating Procedure (PG-13)
Summary: They weren't trouble magnets. It was simply a very strong affinity..

Rating: G
Characters: Kirk, Uhura, Spock, Sulu

Full image )

Don't forget to read the story and follow [ profile] trekreversebang for all of the other great art and fic!
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Art created for [ profile] trekreversebang.
Story by the lovely [ profile] djkiwi2576, based on art drawn by me. Read the story here:
Tears from Tartarus (PG-13, Kirk/Spock/Uhura)
Summary: An away mission gives way to emotional discovery..

Rating: G
Characters: Uhura, Kirk, Spock

Full image )

Don't forget to read the story and follow [ profile] trekreversebang for all of the other great art and fic!
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[ profile] trekreversebang started posting today. There's a tiny problem in that one of the authors has quit all communication and we're assuming that there will be no fic from her since her posting date is supposed to be the 14th of May and from what the artist just mentioned, the author hasn't gotten in touch with her in a month. [ profile] miss_porcupine was wonderful enough to take on the last dropout, anyone else on my flist interested in writing a 6K fic based on really cute Amanda Grayson meets Winona Kirk art? Artist prefers gen, but it could be femslash too. You'll have till June 18th to finish it and the art really is cute, I would hate to have it go without a story. Any takers?

ETA: Mission accomplished \o/ But if anyone's still interested in staying in reserve as a pinch-hitter, just in case someone else drops out, please do leave a comment here :)
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[ profile] trekreversebang posting will start on Wednesday (watch the comm!). Must finish my own art. I'm very excited, hopefully there won't be any more dropouts, though thankfully pinch-hitters are in place. *crossing fingers for everything going smoothly*

[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fics have been claimed. One gen, one femslash. Both sound really intriguing, I'm looking forward so much to reading them!
1. Some Greater Good (gen) by [ profile] twicetheheart31:
Summary of fic )
2. Deep Breaths (femslash AU: Ellen/Mary) by [ profile] apocalypsos:
Summary of fic )

*goes nuts with all the work, but in kind of a good way*
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[ profile] trekreversebang match-ups are done, match emails have been sent, reveal to authors and artists has been posted, pinch-hitters post and pointing to betas post and cheerleaders(?) posts need to be made and *falls down in an exhausted heap* How do people ever do this without amazing co-mods?

I have one SGA and one SPN picture in the works. I started them first but then my brain wandered off again and I found myself drawing Trek Reboot genderswap. [ profile] oxboxer's pictures were so incredibly cool, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Not to mention, cocky, smirky female!Kirk hitting on stoic female!Spock and bemused but kind of intrigued male!Uhura makes for a delicious mental image...ok, somebody write it? PLEASE?

Random crap

Mar. 7th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Neil Patrick Harris was very sparkly in his sequined tux. Not quite sure what he was doing at the Oscars, but I guess Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin can't sing or dance... I adore NPH, but that was really not his best performance. Although I dare say still probably a bajillion times better than the rest of the show given the first two minutes of the hosts' banter that I could bear before I had to turn the TV off. The monologue and the red carpet pretty people were kind of all I was going to see, but I guess a glimpse of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren will have to suffice (<-- so classy!). And even though I think the Oscars are bunk, I will still feel totally annoyed when movies I think should have won don't win :/

Trek reverse bang:
This shit is hard! [ profile] zippitgood is kind of like a mistress of organization and productivity and all those things that I somehow did not consider was involved in running a challenge this complicated. Fear my foresight! That said, seeing all the great artwork is amazing.

My weekend:
I had a [ profile] glockgal! I love hanging out with fangirls, and when they match my enthusiasm for delicious food, I appreciate them even more. Which is to say, come back again soooon!

80 things about you meme:
I started trying to answer the questions, but I managed to bore myself midway through it.

This post:
Does not have anything particularly important to say.
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Things that are making me happy:

• This amazing piece of SPN fanart: Winchesters' Laundry Day by [ profile] petite_madame
The coloring is amazing (washing machines! floor! the faint suggestion of clothes tumbling around in the washer!) as are the faces (expressions! non-fussy realism!) and the whole setup (gore! skeleton! dirty clothes!). The only tiny question mark is Sam's left side, but it's foreshortening which is tricky and the rest of the picture is so awesome it doesn't jar that much. Seriously, go see it.

• More people signing up for [ profile] trekreversebang. Last call for authors, signups end tonight!

• Really pretty nailpolish that I'd forgotten I had, and which is now on my fingernails. I'm feeling very fashionable.

• How I Met Your Mother ♥

Things that would make happy if they would just work faster:

• My reversebang art D:

• Learning PHP D: D:
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I am drawing a Uhura-Gaila BFF picture. I guess it could be Uhura/Gaila, but that, like most of my pictures, is probably better left up to the viewer. Although maybe instead of screwing around with random ideas, I should be working on the picture for my own challenge, but oh well :/ How's everyone else doing with their [ profile] trekreversebang art?

This has been doing the rounds, but Jensen Ackles+Neil Patrick Harris=a level of geeky awesome that I could not but repost. Plus, Bruce Greenwood. The video for the making of Batman: Under the Red Hood (part 2) under the cut that has snippets of both Jensen and NPH doing their thing and getting some praise from the makers.
Red Hood! )

In random fandom flashback time, I suddenly remembered this fanvid someone had made with the premise that Illyria could be a spin-off show after Angel was over. I loved the music and the clip choices, and even though the picture quality is not very good and the featured characters maybe not totally complete, I still love it. I really liked Illyria and Wes.
Illyria )

Art Rec:
Highwayman by [ profile] dauntdraws [G] (The PG-13 rating on the post is possibly for the fic that was written for the art, because the art itself seems to be G)
Black and white Sam and Dean on horseback! Hats! Really cool backgrounds!
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A long time ago, I made a post asking for prompts and people indulged me quite a bit. This picture is dedicated to the lovely [ profile] cha who mentioned Sam, Dean and apocalypse, and even though this picture shamefully managed to not follow anything of the details of her prompt, but, well, at least it's apocalyptic, and it has Sam and Dean? (Also, Castiel and Anna)...(and, unsurprisingly, silhouettes).

Title: Just another apocalypse
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Anna

Doooom )
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So, remember way back when I talked about a reverse bigbang thing for trek where artists drew first, and authors wrote for the artwork? Well, [ profile] trekreversebang is finally open for business!

[ profile] trekreversebang [ profile] trekreversebang

Artist sign ups are open till Feb 2 and author sign-ups are open till March 1.

I would love it if people would spread the word around, use the code below for the banner etc. if that's easier.

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Item 1:
[ profile] trekreversebang can haz shiny new banner! What do you think?

Item 2:
In my extremely enthusiastic ongoing quest to uncover for [ profile] nargynargy the wonder that is A. R. Rahman, here are two more of his songs. Usual drill, right click and save, songs on my server :) And let me know what you think!

Dheemi Dheemi from the movie 1947 Earth. I posted a few more from this movie here before but hadn't shared this one yet. It's a delightful melody, the singer is one of my favorites and the whole song is just so light and sweet it makes me think of spring.
Download the song here

Rehna Tu from the movie Dilli 6. This song has a really laid-back feel to it, very smooth and uncomplicated. Also, I really like it whenever Rahman sings his own songs.
Download the song here

Item 3:
Any How I met Your Mother fans here? Or Neil Patrick Harris fans? Here's a behind-the-scenes video of the 100th episode coming up on Monday, where he (and the rest of the cast) finish off the episode with a grand singing and dancing finale.
Video embedded under cut )


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