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Fandom: SPN
Title: Tandem
Rating: G
Random, really random...

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So, I'm thinking of signing up for this: SPN Cinema challenge. Maybe with Dogma? Seems to fit into the SPN universe not too badly, and has recognizable/interesting visual elements. Anyone have any other suggestions/ideas? Obviously nothing where the two main leads are together romantically in canon...

Rec: [ profile] petite_madame is doing a very cool series of images for the SPN 30 Snapshots Challenge. There are three so far, I really like the mix of images + journal pages with various other design elements that she's got going. Take a look!
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So back in, uh, September, [ profile] innie_darling prompted me with Sam and Dean in Halloween costumes. Just four months later, here it is!

Title: Batman and Robin
Fandom: SPN
Rating: G
Wee Dean and Sam as Batman and Robin. In my head!canon, John would indulge them up to a point, but not elaborate store bought costumes, just the important parts :D

I'm Batman! )
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1) I am fish-sitting for a housemate and thought I'd killed it when I came home last night and found it unmoving at the bottom of the bowl. Apparently that's how fish rest and my panicked moving around of the bowl only disturbed it. But seriously, how would I know? I only eat the damn things, I've never observed one for longer than a few minutes :/ It's kind of cute when it eats though.

2) I am currently drawing:
a) Wee!Dean and wee!Sam trick or treating as Batman and Robin in semi-homemade costumes (almost done)
b) Santana in a Dalton uniform (hopefully hot)
c) Kurt, Mercedes and Blaine out walking in the snow (schmoooop)

3) If the comm is called Kurt_Blaine, putting "Blaine exists" in the header as a spoiler for fics is only funny the first couple of times. It's really annoying the bajillionth time I see it. It's a comm called kurt_blaine! Of course Blaine exists! /irrational peeve

4) [ profile] leyna55's Yuletart art is gorgeous. Go admire it here.

5) Trekreversebang will open shop on Monday *goes to work on new FAQ*

6) I love my new icon.
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I asked for art prompts and [ profile] bellatemple prompted me with Sam'n'Dean as early 20th century noir detectives!. Bellatemple, I'm afraid no nice fitting pants made it into the picture though (only because they're wearing long coats and legs are cut off from the picture, not because they're not wearing any!)

Title: Shades of Black
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean

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It feels like ages since I posted art :( I am, however, in the process of drawing two inspired by prompts. Works in progress, but here's a peek at:
• SGA: The team on an India-like planet
John will make an appearance soon )
Of course there's a mango tree. And where there's Rodney, there are children.

• SPN: Wee Winchesters dressed up for Halloween
Batman and Robin - on a budget )
Because John would not waste money on perfectly made costumes, but, in my head-canon, would totally help little Dean make something that gets close enough. Sammy just wants the candy. He wouldn't have cared even if Dean could have gotten the underwear over pants idea past John's watchful eyes.

In TV news: need to catch up with SPN and White Collar, am current with Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother (♥ stealth Barney/Robin), watched the last episode of Glee (ngl, I teared up ♥ Kurt) and Hawaii Five-O remains silly and pretty (♥ Daniel Dae Kim).

In conclusion, my new icon's from a painting by Linda Bergkvist. It's a very pretty painting. It's called 'Spoiled', you can find it on her website.
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Title: The Magician
Rating: G
Character: Sam Winchester

Drawn a while back for [ profile] spn_tarot. I chose the Major Arcana card, The Magician with Sam as the magician. My knowledge of tarot is um, lacking, to say the least. I kept the symbols that seemed the most important and kind of chucked out the rest, but that seems to work too? Anyway, here's the image for the card, and you can see the image with border and label applied here on the comm.

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Art created for the lovely [ profile] hold_onhope's wonderful story, "Some Greater Good" (Gen, PG-13). Time difference means story link is forthcoming, but will be edited in here as soon as I get up from what I foresee to be a very, very welcome night's sleep *sways on feet* ETA: Story link added

I created two pieces, a cover and an interior illustration, and two peripherals in the form of page/chapter dividers.

Title: Some Greater Good
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Castiel, Dean, Ruby
Story: Read it HERE
Story summary: Castiel is told to protect Sam Winchester. To teach him what he needs to know if he wants to kill Lilith. Dean is in Hell - and the angels want him there. So when Uriel raises his brother from the pit, Sam, along with the unlikely ally he finds in Castiel, makes a decision. He's going to save his brother from the angels, no matter what it takes.

Full size cover )

Full size illustration )

Page dividers )

Recs etc.

Jun. 23rd, 2010 03:47 pm
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I was full of goodwill towards the world this morning and then MS Word sapped my will to live *shakes fist at mystifying and random formatting*. The judicious application of cheesecake has restored my spirits somewhat. Here, have a few recs:

SPN: January Sun by [ profile] lemanya [Gen, PG-13 (although it seemed pretty G to me)]
Beautifully written little story with wee Winchesters, a lovely young OC and wonderful atmosphere building. Also, a really nice, hopeful ending. It needs a lot more love than it seems to have got, so go read and praise :)

(...tangentially, doesn't got seem like a weird word? Every time I use got (or gotten), I feel like I'm making a mistake. But gotten's a real word, right? Weird.)

Glee: I'm not really in Glee fandom as such and canon is...well, rather lacking in logic from the few episodes I watched all the way through, but I still managed to get a few favorite characters and there are a couple of fic authors who I absolutely adore. If anyone's interested, [ profile] miggy and [ profile] paperclipbitch write the most delightful Glee fic. *draw hearts around their LJs*

In a totally unrelated conclusion, I don't like summer. How's everyone else doing?
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So, as usual, this was not what I meant to draw when I sat down to draw. But I'd just read this awesome SPN story by [ profile] mimblexwimble, My Life's Come Off its Tracks (pre-series Weechesters and John AU), and...

Title: Family
Rating: G
Characters: John, little Dean and tiny Sam

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The picture's not exactly an illustration of a specific moment, but it was totally inspired by a scene near the end. Go read the story please. It is fantastic.
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A long time ago, I made a post asking for prompts and people indulged me quite a bit. This picture is dedicated to the lovely [ profile] cha who mentioned Sam, Dean and apocalypse, and even though this picture shamefully managed to not follow anything of the details of her prompt, but, well, at least it's apocalyptic, and it has Sam and Dean? (Also, Castiel and Anna)...(and, unsurprisingly, silhouettes).

Title: Just another apocalypse
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Anna

Doooom )
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So, I just watched Changing Channels last week (I know, I know, bad fan no biscuit) and asked for ideas about what shows I could draw Sam and Dean into. [ profile] nargynargy suggested Southland, and therefore:

Title: Sam and Dean in Southland
Rating: G
Note: Poses copied quite shamelessly from Southland promo shots.

Sam got a haircut )
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Art from [ profile] maychorian's prompt on my request post. Go here for the cute little piece of dialogue she wrote to inspire it. I kind of maybe took it in a little...crackier direction than intended?

Title: Can you hear me now?
Rating: G
Characters: Castiel, Dean

how about now? )

And again, thank you so much everyone for the snowflake cookies and awesome Cthulu gifts ♥
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The voices in my head that tell me to draw strange things kept making me want to draw Neal Caffrey and Dean Winchester making out. So, here, have a very random fannish crossover with very, very shallow motives.

Title: Double trouble
Rating: PG (they might be making out, but this is still me)
Characters: Neal Caffrey(White Collar)/Dean Winchester(Supernatural)

kissing! )
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Title: Under grey skies of silence
Rating: G
Random moment in a random valley with backlighting? And hey, silhouettes again...
(title from The Cerulean Sky by Sam Barry)

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[ profile] leonidaslion wanted a Dark!Winchesters wallpaper in the Fall Fandom Free-for-all and I thought that was a really cool idea, so here it is:
Rating: G

See the whole image )
Three sizes: 1024x768 | 1280x854 | 1680x1050

Two icons from the wallpaper:

Wallpapers and icons are all snaggable, just let me know and credit the icons if you're taking :)

ETA: People who voted for pink and lilac for the wallpaper, my imagination is totally not as good as yours. Also, thanks a lot :P
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[Poll #1462536]
I enjoyed Supernatural last night, way more than I had anticipated given spoilers etc. Next week looks kind of fantastic too. Re: that scene where Dean says some stuff, my non-spoilery reaction is that I am 100% certain that Dean is talking through his hat, my spoilery reaction is looong and under the cut )
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SPN \o/ Almost didn't watch it live because SPOILERS )

Two songs for sharing today, both by A.R.Rahman. On my server so right click and save please, let me know if you like them :)

Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai (Download here) from the movie Blue. This is a great song, kind of a mix of different styles, ridiculously catchy and the female singer (Shreya Ghoshal) is amazing.

Azeem-o-Shan-Shahenshah (Download here) from the movie Jodhaa Akbar. It's a song celebrating the emperor Akbar's accomplishments. It's kind of grand and I love the different instruments and voices all to the beat of those huge drums.

(The track names are generic, but the real names of the songs are in the id3 tags under album artist. Had to change it because of bots picking up my songs and putting them up on mp3 sites)

A little rant about the portrayal of women in some fanfic:
cut for length )

Random link:
For the Merlin folks: Katie and Angel being totally adorable.

Need to finish:
The Minoan woman commission for the incredibly patient [ profile] rubynye This weekend, I promise! Also, am up to the eyebrows in fanart ideas. Which is of course why I haven't even started one :/
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The promos for 5.02 are making me want to draw Spoilery things )

*crossing fingers for happy things in the episode*


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